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Signature Editions

Books from this publisher

Passenger Flight

by (author) Brian Campbell

Imaginary Maps

by (author) Darrell Epp

Marrying Hungary

by (author) Linda Leith

Checkout Girl, The

by (author) Susan Zettell

Paper Oranges

by (author) Carolyn Marie Souaid

Some Days I Think I Know Things

The Cassandra Poems

by (author) Rhonda Douglas

Blood Mother

by (author) Su Croll

Character Actor

by (author) Scott Randall


The Derek Jarman Poems

by (author) Keith Garebian


by (author) Andrea MacPherson

Three on the Boards

edited by Kit Brennan
by (author) Brian Drader, Joel Fishbane, Kenneth T. Williams, J. Carol Korczynski, Katherine Koller, Frank Barry & Scott Sharplin

Bowling Pin Fire

by (author) Andy Quan

Desert Lake, The

by (author) Linda Leith

Local Scores

by (author) Terrance Cox

Made Beautiful by Use

by (author) Sean Horlor

Summer of My Amazing Luck

The Play

by (author) Chris Craddock


by (author) Genni Gunn

Heron Cliff

by (author) Margo Button

Two Hands Clapping

by (author) Kit Brennan, Chris Craddock, Mike McPhaden, Rose Cullis, Nathan Cuckow, Kelley Jo Burke, Greg Nelson, Sherry White, Ruth Lawrence & Peter Boychuk

All the Lifters

by (author) Esther Mazakian

Moving Day

by (author) Terence Young


by (author) Linda Ghan


by (author) Rob Budde


by (author) Joël Des Rosiers
translated by Hugh Hazelton

Simultaneous Translation

by (author) Terrance Cox

Last Chance to Renew

by (author) Scott Randall

Tao of Laurenson, The

by (author) R.F. Darion

What You Can't Have

by (author) Michael V. Smith

Octopus and Other Poems, The

by (author) Jennica Harper

Satie's Sad Piano

by (author) Carolyn Marie Souaid


by (author) George Payerle

Fleeting Years, The

A Mother's Journal

by (author) Laura Pratt

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