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Books from this publisher

Missing Children

by (author) Gerald Lynch

The Brink of Freedom

by (author) Stella Leventoyannis Harvey

Brink of Freedom, The

by (author) Stella Leventoyannis Harvey


by (author) Louise Carson

A Clearing

by (author) Louise Carson

Electric Affinities

by (author) Michael Pacey

Painting Over Sketches of Anatolia

by (author) Leonard Neufeldt

Still Hungry

by (author) Alisa Gordaneer

Tropéano's Gun

by (author) John Brooke

I Wasn't Always Like This

by (author) Shelley A. Leedahl

Prerequisites for Sleep

by (author) Jennifer L. Stone

Many Unpleasant Returns

A Rudley Mystery

by (author) Judith Alguire

Blue Vengeance

by (author) Alison Preston


by (author) Denise Roig

Text Me

Dimmelo per SMS

by (author) Corrado Calabro
edited and translated by Genni Gunn

Signs of Subversive Innocents

by (author) Cora Siré


by (author) Andrea MacPherson

Refugee Song

by (author) Lawrence Feuchtwanger


by (author) Steven Artelle

Peril at the Pleasant

A Rudley Mystery

by (author) Judith Alguire

Walls of a Mind

An Aliette Nouvelle Mystery

by (author) John Brooke

Language Matters

Interviews with 22 Quebec Poets

edited by Carolyn Marie Souaid & Endre Farkas


Journeys in Time and Place

by (author) Genni Gunn

Hat Girl

by (author) Wanda Campbell

Rain on a Distant Roof

A Personal Journey Through Lyme Disease in Canada

by (author) Vanessa Farnsworth

Unseen World, The

by (author) David Elkins

Philosopher at the Skin Edge of Being

by (author) Susan Andrews Grace


by (author) Rona Shaffran

The Queen of Queen Street

by (author) Maureen Hunter

The House on 14th Avenue

by (author) Michael Mirolla

Death in Cold Type

by (author) C.C. Benison

Black Teeth

And Other North End Souvenirs

by (author) Ryszard Dubanski

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