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Books from this publisher

Selkirk Avenue

by (author) Bruce McManus

Latent Heat

by (author) Catherine Hunter

Hats of Mr. Zenobe, The

by (author) Robert Astle


An Anthology of Alternate Canadas

edited by Mark Shainblaum & John Dupuis
by (author) Allan Weiss, Dave Duncan, Derryl Murphy, Edo van Belkom, Eric Choi, Laurent McAllister, Michael Skeet, Michae Skeet, Paula Johanson & Nancy Kilpatrick

Still Lives

by (author) Pierre Nepveu
translated by Judith Weisz Woodsworth

Angloman 2

Money, Ethnics, Superheroes

by (author) Mark Shainblum
illustrated by Gabriel Morrissette

True Copies

by (author) Monique LaRue

Goldberg Variations, The

by (author) Nancy Huston

Woman by a Window & Céleste

by (author) Marianne Ackerman

Scatter the Mud

A Traveller's Medley

by (author) Nancy Lyon


Making the World Safe for Apostrophes

by (author) Mark Shainblum
illustrated by Gabriel Morrissette

Through Any Window

by (author) Patricia Stone

Swimming into the Light

by (author) Carolyn Marie Souaid

Tragedy Queen, The

by (author) Linda Leith

Heart of a Dog

by (author) Robert Astle & Agnès Limbos

L'Affaire Tartuffe

Or The Garrison Officers Rehearse Molière

by (author) Marianne Ackerman

Evidence to the Contrary

by (author) Hélène Pedneault
translated by Linda Gaboriau

Vehicule Days

An Unorthodox History of Montréal’s Vehicule Poets

by (author) Ken Norris

Shadow Sonnets, The

by (author) Richard Sommer

Ecstasy Conspiracy, The

by (author) Lesley Choyce

Urban Myths

Anton & No Cycle

by (author) Harry Standjofski

Live Bird in its Jaws, A

by (author) Jeanne-Mance Delisle
translated by Yves Saint-Pierre

Loneliness of Angels, The

by (author) Valmai Howe

Howl Too, Eh?

by (author) Endre Farkas & Artie Gold

Formal Logic of Emotion, The

by (author) Michael Mirolla

Canada Split

A Flush of Tories & Rexy!

by (author) Allan Stratton

Community Care & Participatory Research

by (author) Jacques Alary
translated by Susan Usher

Triple Play

El Clavadista, A Sort of Holiday & Amelia Earhart Was Not a Spy

by (author) Colleen Curran

Dreams of Zoo Animals, The

by (author) Valmai Howe

Fawn Bones

by (author) Richard Sommer

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