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On the Road—Again and Again and Again

by Russell Wangersky

A recommended reading list by the author of the new book Same Ground: Chasing Family Down the California Gold Rush Trail.

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  • The Chat

    By Trevor Corkum

    Great writers from across the country sit down with us to talk about their books, and the stories behind them.

  • Shelf Talkers

    Rob Wiersema

    Indie booksellers from coast to coast tell us the books they can't stop recommending to their customers.

  • Quick Hits

    Kiley Turner

    The best books are timeless, and they deserve to find readers whenever and wherever.

  • Notes From a Children's Librarian

    Julie Booker

    Our resident children's librarian columnist chooses books by theme for children of all ages.

  • On Our Radar

    Kerry Clare

    We spotlight books generating buzz all over the web, and beyond.

Recent Posts

Notes from a Children's Librarian: Books on Librarians

by Julie Booker

This list honours the most important people in the world: librarians. No bias here.

Most Anticipated: Our Spring 2023 Books for Young Readers Preview

by 49thShelf Staff

Titles—from picture books to YA—for readers of all ages!

Skewing Weird: Books with Uncanny Edges

by Deborah Hemming

A recommended reading list by author of new novel Goddess.

Hopeful Picture Books About Grief and Loss

by Carey Sookocheff

A recommended reading list by author of new picture book The Remembering Stone.

Lives of Girls and Women

by Kerry Clare

Books for International Women's Day.

The Chat with Carolyn Whitzman

by Trevor Corkum

In Clara at the Door with a Revolver: The Scandalous Black Suspect, the Exemplary White Son, and the Murder That Shocked Toronto, Carolyn Whitzman explores …

Milton Ontario Makes a Book List

by Morgan Murray

"Desperate times call for someone from Saskatchewan." —John G. Diefenbaker

Beyond Gamache: 15 Fictional Detectives You Should Know

by Kerry Clare

If you're a big fan of Louise Penny's bestselling Inspector Gamache series (and maybe—even especially—if you're not?), these are the crime fiction …

Notes from a Children's Librarian: On Stereotypes

by Julie Booker

This is no stereotypical book list. It includes themes of preconceived notions of race, culture, gender and beauty, aimed mainly at Kindergarten to Grade …

Most Anticipated: Our Spring 2023 Poetry Preview

by 49thShelf Staff

The best poetry you'll be reading in the first half of 2023.

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