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On the Road—Again and Again and Again

by Russell Wangersky

A recommended reading list by the author of the new book Same Ground: Chasing Family Down the California Gold Rush Trail.

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  • The Chat

    By Trevor Corkum

    Great writers from across the country sit down with us to talk about their books, and the stories behind them.

  • Shelf Talkers

    Rob Wiersema

    Indie booksellers from coast to coast tell us the books they can't stop recommending to their customers.

  • Quick Hits

    Kiley Turner

    The best books are timeless, and they deserve to find readers whenever and wherever.

  • Notes From a Children's Librarian

    Julie Booker

    Our resident children's librarian columnist chooses books by theme for children of all ages.

  • On Our Radar

    Kerry Clare

    We spotlight books generating buzz all over the web, and beyond.

Recent Posts

New Science Books for Kids to Spark Curiosity and Exploration

by Spencer Miller

Some of the most creative and imaginative writing for children is happening in science books. These books can show kids everything from the wonders of …

Thrillers That Will Leave You Thinking

by H&A Christensen

"We are drawn to stories that are fast-paced and gripping on a plot level—think mysteries and thrillers—but that also delve deeper and continue to …

The Chat with Benjamin Lefebvre

by Trevor Corkum

In the Key of Dale (Arsenal Pulp Press) introduces YA readers to a teenage music prodigy named Dale Cardigan, who navigates the adolescent terrain of love …

Great Books: Music, Science and Memoir

by Adriana Barton

"Beautifully written...a riveting account of how melodies and rhythms connect us, and help us deal with alienation and anxiety."—Dr. Bessel van der …

Most Anticipated: Our 2023 Spring Fiction Preview

by 49thShelf Staff

Here are some of the books you're going to be loving best during the first half of 2023.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

by Mitchell Consky

A son struggles to connect with his father in his final days—but movies manage to connect them.

Promotional Materials

by Mikka Jacobsen

An excerpt from Modern Fables: Essays, which Suzette Mayr (Scotiabank-Giller winner of The Sleeping Car Porter) calls "wickedly good, wickedly funny, …

A Brief History of Mermaids

by Alessandra Naccarato

An excerpt from Alessandra Naccarato's new book, Imminent Domains.

The Chat with Michael Gates

by Trevor Corkum

Just in time for the holidays, we’re in conversation with Michael Gates, author of Hollywood in the Klondike: Dawson City’s Great Film Find (Lost Moose …

Last-Minute Picks for All the Types on Your List

by Kerry Clare

Great nonfiction for readers of all stripes!

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