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Summer's just heating up, but we're jumping ahead to the fall publishing season anyway. We can't help it: the books are so good!

Book Cover Be a Pond Detective

Books complementing the Grade 6 Biodiversity unit. 

Book Cover Emperor's Orphans

Sally Ito on the family histories that inspired her as she wrote her new book of creative nonfiction. 

Book Cover Parallel Prairies

"A dragon is a visual feast, with its hard scales, fearsome talons and steel-melting breath. But it’s the knights in those stories, grinding their boots into the mud and drawing their swords against …

Book Cover Some Good

A healthy roast chicken dinner? Just the thing for autumn nights, and for those of us who are still nursing Thanksgiving food hangovers. 

Book Cover Pinny in Fall

The days are growing shorter, but the books have never better. These titles will bring you a bit of spooky, some autumn leaves, a zombie prince, and other great ideas about how to find a place for you …

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