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Signature Editions

Books from this publisher

Down Came the Rain

by (author) Raye Anderson


by (author) Genni Gunn

Losing Shepherd

by (author) Paul Headrick

Exit Strategies

by (author) Meg Todd

Clutter of Cats, A

by (author) Louise Carson

And Then is Heard No More

by (author) Raye Anderson

Searching for Signal

by (author) Lori Cayer

The Trailer

by (author) James Scoles

Primal Sketches

by (author) Caroline Wong

Falling Into Flight

A Memoir of Life and Dance

by (author) Kaija Pepper

Dying Detective, The

by (author) Gerald Lynch

Permanent Tourists

by (author) Genni Gunn

Cat Possessed, The

by (author) Louise Carson

Haweaters, The

by (author) Vanessa Farnsworth

And We Shall Have Snow

by (author) Raye Anderson

The Haweaters

by (author) Vanessa Farnsworth

Lost Cafeteria, The

by (author) Joel Robert Ferguson

Tablet Fragments

by (author) Tamar Rubin

Let the People Speak

Opression in a Time of Reconciliation

by (author) Sheilla Jones


A Daughter's Meditations on Alzheimer's

by (author) Marion Agnew

Cat Between, The

by (author) Louise Carson

Finding Callidora

by (author) Stella Leventoyannis Harvey

Home Game

by (author) Endre Farkas

Operation Stealth Seed

by (author) George Amabile

St. Boniface Elegies

by (author) Catherine Hunter

Put Your Hand in Mine

by (author) Elaine Woo

Salt and Ashes

by (author) Adrienne Drobnies


by (author) Jennifer Houle

Micro Miracle

A True Story

by (author) Amy Boyes

The Cat Vanishes

Maples Mystery, A

by (author) Louise Carson

Sea Over Bow

A North Atlantic Crossing

by (author) Linda Kenyon

Paul Is Dead

by (author) C.C. Benison

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