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Signature Editions

Books from this publisher

The Emptiest Quarter: Novellas

by (author) Raymond Beauchemin

The Emptiest Quarter


by (author) Raymond Beauchemin

In the Country in the Dark

by (author) Daryl Sneath

The World Is But a Broken Heart

by (author) Michael Maitland

Cat Looked Back, The

by (author) Louise Carson

I Am Full

Stories for Jacob

by (author) Dan Yashinsky

Sing a Song of Summer

by (author) Raye Anderson

This Side of Light

Selected Poems (1995-2020)

by (author) Carolyn Marie Souaid

The Last Unsuitable Man

by (author) Louise Carson

Shop Class Hall Pass

Facing the Buried Trauma of Sexual Assault

by (author) Karin Martel

The Lost Cafeteria

by (author) Joel Robert Ferguson

A Clutter of Cats

by (author) Louise Carson

Body Work

by (author) Emilia Nielsen

The Back Channels

by (author) Jennifer Houle

Adagio for the Horizon

by (author) Laurelyn Whitt

Tablet Fragments

by (author) Tamar Rubin

Salt and Ashes

by (author) Adrienne Drobnies

Put Your Hand in Mine

by (author) Elaine Woo

Electric Affinities

by (author) Michael Pacey


by (author) Genni Gunn

Down Came the Rain

by (author) Raye Anderson

Losing Shepherd

by (author) Paul Headrick

Exit Strategies

by (author) Meg Todd

Clutter of Cats, A

by (author) Louise Carson

And Then is Heard No More

by (author) Raye Anderson

Searching for Signal

by (author) Lori Cayer

The Trailer

by (author) James Scoles

Primal Sketches

by (author) Caroline Wong

Falling Into Flight

A Memoir of Life and Dance

by (author) Kaija Pepper

Dying Detective, The

by (author) Gerald Lynch

Permanent Tourists

by (author) Genni Gunn

Cat Possessed, The

by (author) Louise Carson

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