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Signature Editions

Books from this publisher

Another Spy for Paris

by (author) Robert J. Young

Cat Vanishes, The

by (author) Louise Carson

Time Between, The

by (author) Patria Rivera

Body Work

by (author) Emilia Nielsen

Learning to Love a River

by (author) Michael Minor

Adagio for the Horizon

by (author) Laurelyn Whitt

Spirit of a Hundred Thousand Dead Animals

Rudley Mystery, A

by (author) Jim Nason

The Last Chance Ladies' Book Club

Rudley Mystery, A

by (author) Marlis Wesseler

Left Unsaid

by (author) Joan B. Flood

Through Different Eyes

by (author) Karen Charleson

The Cat Among Us

by (author) Louise Carson


by (author) Gerald Lynch

Last Chance Ladies' Book Club, The

by (author) Marlis Wesseler

Cat Among Us, The

by (author) Louise Carson

Whistle Stops

A Locomotive Serial Poem

by (author) Emily Izsak

Cityscapes in Mating Season

by (author) Lise Gaston

Midway Radicals & Archi-Poems

by (author) Ted Landrum


by (author) Tenille K. Campbell

A Most Unpleasant Picture

Rudley Mystery, A

by (author) Judith Alguire

Behold Things Beautiful

by (author) Cora Siré

Most Unpleasant Picture, A

Rudley Mystery, A

by (author) Judith Alguire

The Spanish Boy

by (author) C.S. Reardon

Never, Again

by (author) Endre Farkas

Spanish Boy, The

by (author) C.S. Reardon

Finding Home in the Promised Land

A Personal History of Homelessness and Social Exile

by (author) Jane Harris

Off the Ropes

My Story

by (author) Roland Vandal & Carlene Rummery

Mood Swing, with Pear

by (author) Sue MacLeod

Touch Anywhere to Begin

by (author) Jim Nason

The Back Channels

by (author) Jennifer Houle

Martial Music

by (author) George Amabile

While the Music Lasts

by (author) John Brooke

After Light

by (author) Catherine Hunter

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