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Coteau Books

Books from this publisher


by (author) Belinda Betker

Finding My Way

A Memoir

by (author) Lois Simmie

Rag & Bone Man

A Novel

by (author) Don Dickinson

Trial by Winter

Crisis in the Barr Colony

by (author) Anne Patton

The Literary History of Saskatchewan Volume 3: Advances

Volume 3: Advances

edited by David Carpenter & Kelly-Anne Riess

Murder at the St. Alice

by (author) Becky Citra

Death by Dinosaur

A Sam Stellar Mystery

by (author) Jacqueline Guest


by (author) Chelsea Coupal

Fruit for Northern Gardens

by (author) Sara Williams & Bob Bors

A Place You'll Never Be

by (author) Rick Hillis

Extended Families

by (author) Ven Begamudre

Zara's Dead

by (author) Sharon Butala

Adele's Garden

by (author) Linda Amyot
translated by Norman Cornett

The Gold

by (author) David Carpenter

Ghosts in the Garden

by (author) Judith Silverthorne


by (author) Katherine Lawrence

Russian Dolls

Stories from the Breathing Castle

by (author) W.P. Kinsella

Nineteen Fifty-Seven

by (author) Jim McLean

Griffin of Darkwood, The

by (author) Becky Citra

Been in the Storm So Long

by (author) Terry Jordan

Burning in this Midnight Dream

by (author) Louise Bernice Halfe

Small Displays of Chaos

by (author) Breanna Fischer

Scattered Bones

by (author) Maggie Siggins

Ceremony of Touching

by (author) Karen Shklanka


by (author) Judith Silverthorne

A Round for Fifty Years

A History of Regina's Globe Theatre

by (author) Gerry Hill

The Cave Beneath the Sea

by (author) Edward Willett

Let Us Be True

by (author) Erna Buffie

Through Flood and Fire

A Second Barr Colony Adventure

by (author) Anne Patton

Street Symphony

by (author) Rachel Wyatt

The Lake in the Clouds

by (author) Edward Willett

The Tongues of Earth

by (author) Mark Abley

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