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ARP Books

Books from this publisher

Murdering Justice

Activists Killed by Police in Canada

by (author) Jeffrey Shantz

Sex Work Activism in Canada

Speaking Out, Standing Up

edited by Amy Lebovitch & Shawna Ferris


by (author) Cam Scott


Post-BLM and the Struggle for Freedom

by (author) Rinaldo Walcott & Idil Abdillahi

Stolen City

Racial Capitalism and the Making of Winnipeg

by (author) Owen Toews

Small Predators

by (author) Jennifer Black

Unsettling the Commons

Social Movements Against, Within, and Beyond Settler Colonialism

by (author) Craig Fortier


by (author) Lesley Belleau

When Raven Became Spider

edited by Jennifer Matotek & Leena Minifie

Smells Like Heaven

by (author) Sally Cooper

Surviving Canada

Indigenous Peoples Celebrate 150 Years of Betrayal

edited by Myra Tait & Kiera Ladner


by (author) Kaie Kellough

Totem Poles and Railroads

by (author) Janet Rogers

A World to Win

Contemporary Social Movements and Counter-Hegemony

edited by William Carroll & Kanchan Sarker

Somewhere a Long and Happy Life Probably Awaits You

by (author) Jill Sexsmith

Access to Information and Social Justice

Critical Research Strategies for Journalists, Scholars, and Activists

edited by Jamie Brownlee & Kevin Walby

Talking to the Diaspora

by (author) Lee Maracle

The Land We Are

Artists and Writers Unsettle the Politics of Reconciliation

edited by Gabrielle Hill & Sophie McCall

They Came From Within

A History of Canadian Horror Cinema, Revised and Updated Edition

by (author) Caelum Vatnsdal

Burning Daylight

by (author) Christine Fellows
illustrated by Alicia Smith

Sin Eater

by (author) Angela Hibbs

The Winter We Danced

Voices from the Past, the Future, and the Idle No More Movement

edited by The Kino-nda-niimi Collective

Islands of Decolonial Love

by (author) Leanne Simpson

Quivering Land

by (author) Roewan Crowe
illustrated by Paul Robles

All We Want is Everything

by (author) Andrew Sullivan

Aboriginal Rights Are Not Human Rights

In Defence of Indigenous Struggles

by (author) Peter Kulchyski

Manuel populaire de citoyenneté

une réponse au conservatisme canadien

edited by Sonya Roy

Infrastructure Critical

Sacrifice at Toronto's G8/G20 Summit

by (author) Alessandra Renzi & Greg Elmer

Bedtime Stories for the Edge of the World

by (author) Shawna Dempsey & Lorri Millan

Begin With the End in Mind

by (author) Emma Healey

Lyrics and Poems, 1997-2012

by (author) John Samson

Practicing Feminist Mothering

by (author) Fiona Green

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