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Key Porter Books

Books from this publisher

Some Things I`ve Learned

Lessons on Motivation, Passion, Excellence and More

by (author) Cassie Campbell

The Codfathers

Lessons from the Atlantic Business Elite

by (author) Gordon Pitts


by (author) John Wilson

Opening Gambits

Essays on Art and Philosophy

by (author) Mark Kingwell

The Other Side of the Coin

The Emerging Vision of Economics and Our Place in the World

by (author) David Orrell


by (author) Carol Matas

The Prairie Bridesmaid

A Novel

by (author) Daria Salamon

Get Smarter

Life and Business Lessons

by (author) Seymour Schulich

Rekindling the Torch

The Story of Canadian Zionism

by (author) David J. Azrieli

The Race to the White House

The Grano Speakers Series, 2007-2008

by (author) James Carville
with David Gergen
prepared for publication by Key Porter Books

Tom Forrestall

Paintings, Drawings, Writings

by (author) Tom Smart

Jeremy's Song

by (author) David A. Poulsen

Cowboy Cool

by (author) David A. Poulsen


A Daughter Remembers

by (author) Rachel Manley

Out of Character

A Novel

by (author) Vanessa Craft

Stuck in Downward Dog

A Novel

by (author) Chantel Simmons

Sea and Coastal Birds of North America

A Guide to Observing, Understanding, and Conservation

by (author) Scott Leslie

Aboriginal Art

by (author) Glenbow Museum


A Memoir

by (author) Dennis Garnhum & Cathy Ostlere

Ex-Cottagers in Love

by (author) J.M. Kearns


Memories of a Jamaican Childhood

by (author) Rachel Manley

Sad, Mad, Glad Hippos

by (author) Jane Yolen
illustrated by Vlasta Van Kampen

One Hippo Hops

by (author) Jane Yolen
illustrated by Vlasta Van Kampen

American Myths

What Canadians Think They Know about the United States

by (author) Rudyard Griffiths


A History

by (author) Martin Gilbert & Sir Martin Gilbert


by (author) Wendy A. Lewis

Hip Hippos

by (author) Jane Yolen
illustrated by Vlasta Van Kampen


The True Story of Victorian Superspy Henri Le Caron

by (author) Peter Edwards

The Prisoners and the Paintings

by (author) David A. Poulsen

Life With Billy

Special Commemorative Edition

by (author) Brian Vallee

Georgian Bay

by (author) Mike Grandmaison

Toddlers Gone Wild

Rants From a Mommy Brain

by (author) Rebecca Eckler

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