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Key Porter Books

Books from this publisher

The Feathered Cloak

The Trilogy of the Tree Part 1

by (author) Sean Dixon

The Winter Drey

The Trilogy of the Tree, Part II

by (author) Sean Dixon

No Place Strange

A Novel

by (author) Diana Fitzgerald Bryden

Middle Aged Spread

Moving to the Country at 50

by (author) Sonia Day

Get Growing (French Edition)

Unlocking the Potential of Your Small Business

by (author) David Wilton & Kyle McNamara


The Heretic's Secret, Part I

by (author) John Wilson

The Alchemist's Dream

by (author) John Wilson

Tales of a Reluctant Psychic

The Freak, Visions, and Far

by (author) Carol Matas

Fare for Friends

A Lovingly Compiled Treasury of Sumptuous Recipes

by (author) Fare for Friends Foundation & Fare for Friends

Good Friends Cookbook

by (author) Fare for Friends Foundation & Fare for Friends

The Catch

A Novel

by (author) Louisa McCormack

Pumpkin Baby

illustrated by Susan Mitchell
by (author) Jane Yolen

Get Growing

Unlocking the Potential in Your Small Business

by (author) David Wilton
with Kyle McNamara

Staying Afloat When the Water Gets Rough

How to Manage Your Life in a Rapidly Changing World

by (author) David Posen


photographs by Mike Grandmaison
introduction by Shelagh Rogers

Hard Surface

In Search of the Canadian Road

by (author) Peter Unwin

It's the Regime, Stupid!

A Report from the Cowboy West on Why Stephen Harper Matters

by (author) Barry Cooper

Ghost Mountains and Vanishing Oceans

North America from Birth to Middle Age

by (author) John Wilson & Ron Clowes


Caucus Confidential in Stephen Harper's Ottawa

by (author) Garth Turner

You Don't Have to Die to Win

How to Make Life Insurance Work for You

by (author) Robert Shiels

Opportunity Rings

A Novel

by (author) Sheryl Steinberg

Diabetes in Adults

CMA Your Personal Health Series

by (author) Sarah Meltzer, Sara Meltzer MD & Anne Belton RN
with Anne Belton

The Beerbistro Cookbook

by (author) Stephen Beaumont
with Brian Morin
illustrated by Mike McColl

First Principles

The Crazy Business of Doing Serious Science

by (author) Howard Burton

Blue Thunder

The Truth About Conservatives From Macdonald to Harper

by (author) Bob Plamondon

Full Circle

Death and Resurrection in Canadian Conservative Politics

by (author) Bob Plamondon

Lost in Spain

by (author) John Wilson

Going for the Green

Conversations with Canada's Business and Political Elite

by (author) Robert Thompson

Amy by Any Other Name

by (author) Maureen Garvie

Napoleon's Everyday Gourmet Grilling

by (author) Ted Reader

The BlackBerry Diaries

Adventures in Modern Motherhood

by (author) Kathy Buckworth

The Secret Lives of Litterbugs

and Other (True) Stories

by (author) M.A.C. Farrant

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