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University of Ottawa Press

Books from this publisher

Eight Men Speak

A Play by Oscar Ryan et al.

edited by Alan Filewod
by (author) Oscar Ryan, Edward Cecil-Smith, Frank Love & Mildred Goldberg

Rewriting Marpole

The Path to Cultural Complexity in the Gulf of Georgia

by (author) Terence N. Clark

They Divided the Sky

A Novel by Christa Wolf

by (author) Christa Wolf
translated by Luise von Flotow

Stigma Revisited

Implications of the Mark

edited by Stacey Hannem & Chris Bruckert

The Hermes Complex

Philosophical Reflections on Translation

by (author) Charles Le Blanc
translated by Barbara Folkart

Foucault and the Indefinite Work of Freedom

by (author) Réal Fillion

Identity Theft and Fraud

Evaluating and Managing Risk

by (author) Norm Archer, Susan Sproule, Yufei Yuan, Ken Guo & Junlian Xiang

Charcot in Morocco

by (author) Jean-Martin Charcot
translated by Toby Gelfand

Life, Fish and Mangroves

Resource Governance in Coastal Cambodia

by (author) Melissa Marschke


From Academics to Zombies

edited by Robert Smith? & Stacey Smith?

Tom Symons

A Canadian Life

edited by Ralph Heintzman

The China Challenge

Sino-Canadian Relations in the 21st Century

edited by Huhua Cao & Vivienne Poy

The End of Iceland's Innocence

The Image of Iceland in the Foreign Media during the Financial Crisis

by (author) Daniel Chartier

Translating Women

edited by Luise von Flotow

The Doom Loop in the Financial Sector

And Other Black Holes of Risk

by (author) William Leiss

The Case for Decentralized Federalism

edited by Ruth Hubbard & Gilles Paquet

RE: Reading the Postmodern

Canadian Literature and Criticism after Modernism

edited by Robert David Stacey

The Service State

Rhetoric, Reality and Promise

by (author) Patrice Dutil, Cosmo Howard, John Langford & Jeffrey Roy

Interpreting the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal

A Sociopolitical Analysis

by (author) Kayoko Takeda

Northrop Frye

New Directions from Old

edited by David Rampton

Philosophical Apprenticeships

Contemporary Continental Philosophy in Canada

edited by Jay Lampert & Jason Robinson


Fundamental Topics is Metaphysics

by (author) Peter Loptson

Gender and Modernity in Central Europe

The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and Its Legacy

edited by Agatha Schwartz

Modernité en transit - Modernity in Transit

edited by Richard Dube, Pascal Gin, Walter Moser & Alvaro Pires

Gilles Paquet

Homo hereticus

edited by Caroline Andrew, Ruth Hubbard & Jeffrey Roy

The Forgotten Peace

Mediation at Niagara Falls

by (author) Michael Small

Technology and the Changing Face of Humanity

edited by Richard Feist, Chantal Beauvais & Rajesh Shukla

Academic Writing for Military Personnel

by (author) Adam Chapnick & Craig Stone


From Slave Ship to Ghetto

by (author) Sonjah Stanley Niaah

Engendering Genre

The Works of Margaret Atwood

by (author) Reingard M. Nischik

Amériques transculturelles - Transcultural Americas

edited by Afef Benessaieh

The Wrong World

Selected Stories and Essays of Bertram Brooker

by (author) Bertram Brooker
edited by Gregory Betts

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