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University of Ottawa Press

Books from this publisher

Russia and the North

edited by Elana Wilson Rowe

The 1956 Hungarian Revolution

Hungarian and Canadian Perspectives

edited by Christopher Adam, Tibor Egervari, Leslie Laczko & Judy Young

The Evolving Physiology of Government

Canadian Public Administration in Transition

edited by O.P. Dwivedi, Tim A. Mau & Byron M. Sheldrick

Crippling Epistemologies and Governance Failures

A Plea for Experimentalism

by (author) Gilles Paquet

Confronting Discrimination and Inequality in China

Chinese and Canadian Perspectives

edited by Errol P. Mendes & Sakunthala Srighanthan

Aboriginal Canada Revisited

edited by Kerstin Knopf

Defending a Contested Ideal

Merit and the Public Service Commission, 1908–2008

by (author) Luc Juillet & Ken Rasmussen

The Priesthood of Science

A Work of Utopian Fiction

by (author) William Leiss

Revolution or Renaissance

Making the Transition from an Economic Age to a Cultural Age

by (author) D. Paul Schafer

Dry Water

A Novel by Robert J.C. Stead

by (author) Robert J.C. Stead
edited by Neil Querengesser & Jean Horton

Colonial Systems of Control

Criminal Justice in Nigeria

edited by Viviane Saleh-Hanna
contributions by Chris Affor, Uju Agomoh, Biko Agozino, Clever Akporherhe, Sylvester Monday Anagaba, O. Oko Elechi, Osa Eribo, Mechthild Nagel, Igho Odibo, Julia Sudbury, Chukwuma Ume & Unyierie Idem

Les Belles Étrangères

Canadians in Paris

by (author) Jane Koustas

The Ivory Thought

Essays on Al Purdy

edited by Gerald Lynch, Shoshannah Ganz & Josephene Kealey

Freedom, Nature, and World

by (author) Peter Loptson

The Way Ahead

Meeting Canada's Productivity Challenge

by (author) Tom Brzustowski

Waste Heritage

A Novel

by (author) Irene Baird
edited by Colin Hill

Translating Canada

edited by Luise von Flotow & Reingard M. Nischik

Managing Diversity

Practices of Citizenship

edited by Linda Cardinal & Nicholas Brown

Second Finding

A Poetics of Translation

by (author) Barbara Folkart

Business and Government in Canada

by (author) Jeffrey Roy

Pro-Poor Land Reform

A Critique

by (author) Saturnino Borras

New Readings of Yiddish Montreal - Traduire le Montréal yiddish

edited by Pierre Anctil, Norman Ravvin & Sherry Simon

Language Testing Reconsidered

edited by Janna Fox, Mari Wesche, Doreen Bayliss, Liying Cheng, Carolyn E. Turner & Christine Doe


Comparing Border Security in North America and Europe

edited by Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly

Journal of Prisoners on Prisons V15 #2 & V16 #1

edited by Ashanti Omowali Alston & Viviane Saleh-Hanna

Looking After Children

A Practitioner's Guide

by (author) Raymond Lemay & Hayat Ghazal

Gomery's Blinders and Canadian Federalism

by (author) Ruth Hubbard & Gilles Paquet

Margaret Atwood

The Open Eye

edited by John Moss & Tobi Kozakewich

Lexicography, Terminology, and Translation

Text-based Studies in Honour of Ingrid Meyer

edited by Lynne Bowker

Charting the Future of Translation History

edited by Paul F. Bandia & Georges L. Bastin

Calling for Change

Women, Law, and the Legal Profession

edited by Sheila McIntyre & Elizabeth Sheehy

In an Iron Glove

An Autobiography

by (author) Claire Martin
introduction and notes by Patricia Smart
translated by Philip Stratford

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