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University of Ottawa Press

Books from this publisher


Making a Capital - Constuire une capitale

edited by Jeff Keshen & Nicole St-Onge

Homo Interrogans

Questioning and the Intentional Structure of Cognition

by (author) John Bruin

Changing the Terms

Translating in the Postcolonial Era

edited by Sherry Simon & Paul St-Pierre

The Existence of the External World

The Pascal-Hume Principle

by (author) Jean-René Vernes

The Social Question and the Democratic Revolution

Marx and the Legacy of 1848

edited by Douglas Moggach & Paul Leduc Browne

Between Actor and Presence

The European Union and the Future for the Transatlantic Relationship

edited by George MacLean

Is There a Canadian Philosophy?

Reflections on the Canadian Identity

by (author) G.B. Madison, Paul Fairfield & Ingrid Harris

The Southern Version of Cursor Mundi, Vol. V

edited by Laurence M. Eldredge & Anne L. Klinck

Assisted Suicide

Canadian Perspectives

edited by C.G. Prado

From Arabye to Engelond

Medieval Studies in Honour of Mahmoud Manzalaoui

edited by A.E. Christa Canitz & Gernot R. Weiland

Dominant Impressions

Essays on the Canadian Short Story

edited by Gerald Lynch & Angela Arnold Robbeson

Feminist Success Stories - Célébrons nos réussites féministes

edited by Karen A. Blackford, Marie-Luce Garceau & Sandra Kirby

God and Argument - Dieu et l'argumentation philosophique

edited by William Sweet


Canadian and European Presence in Cyberspace

edited by Leen D'Haenens

Poles Apart

A Study in Contrasts

edited by Antoni G. Lewkowicz

A Quarter-Century of Normalization and Social Role Valorization

Evolution and Impact

edited by Robert J. Flynn & Raymond Lemay

Interpreters as Diplomats

A Diplomatic History of the Role of Interpreters in World Politics

by (author) Ruth Roland

Governance Through Social Learning

by (author) Gilles Paquet

From Cognition to Being

Prolegomena for Teachers

by (author) Henry Davis McHenry

Bolder Flights

Essays on the Canadian Long Poem

edited by Frank Tierney & Angela Arnold Robbeson

Rethinking the Future of the University

edited by David Lyle Jeffrey & Dominic Manganiello

Images of Canadianness

Visions on Canada's Politics, Culture, and Economics

edited by Leen D'Haenens

The Fallacy of Race and the Shoah

by (author) Naomi Kramer & Ronald Headland

The Origins of Simultaneous Interpretation

The Nuremberg Trial

by (author) Francesca Gaiba

Genealogica & Heraldica

Ottawa 1996

edited by Auguste Vachon, Claire Boudreau & Daniel Cogne

Myths We Live By

by (author) Colin Grant

Women and Political Representation in Canada

edited by Manon Tremblay & Caroline Andrew


Short Narratives of Susanna Moodie

by (author) Susanna Moodie
edited by John Thurston

New Women

Short Stories by Canadian Women, 1900-1920

edited by Sandra Campbell & Lorraine McMullen

Stories Subversive

Through the Field with Gloves Off: Short Fiction by Nellie L. McClung

by (author) Nellie McClung
edited by Marilyn I. Davis

The Quebec Anthology


edited by Matt Cohen & Wayne Grady

The Southern Version of Cursor Mundi, Vol. IV

edited by Peter H.J. Mous

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