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University of Ottawa Press

Books from this publisher

Roman Ingarden's Ontology and Aesthetics

by (author) Jeff Mitsecherling

Echoing Silence

Essays on Arctic Narrative

edited by John Moss

God and the Grounding of Morality

by (author) Kai Nielsen

Translation and Gender

Translating in the 'Era of Feminism'

by (author) Luise von Flotow

Teaching Translation from Spanish to English

Worlds Beyond Words

by (author) Allison Beeby-Lonsdale

Something To Reckon With

The Logic of Terms

by (author) George Englebretsen

Myth, Symbol, and Colonial Encounter

British and Mi'kmaq in Acadia, 1700-1867

by (author) Jennifer Reid

Dear Marian, Dear Hugh

The Maclennan-Engel Correspondence

edited by Christl Verduyn

The Oblate Assault on Canada's Northwest

by (author) Robert Choquette

Forest and Other Gleanings

The Fugitive Writings of Catharine Parr Traill

by (author) Catherine Parr Traill
edited by Michael Peterman & Carl Ballstadt

Apperception, Knowledge, and Experience

by (author) W.H. Bossart

Caring and Curing

Historical Perspectives on Women and Healing in Canada

edited by Dianne Dodd & Deborah Gorham

Context North America

Canadian-U.S. Literary Relations

edited by Camille La Bossiere

Pioneering Women

Short Stories by Canadian Women, Beginnings to 1880

edited by Lorraine McMullen & Sandra Campbell

The Gay[Grey Moose

Essays on the Ecologies and Mythologies of Canadian Poetry 1690-1990

by (author) D.M.R. Bentley

Understanding History

An Introduction to Analytical Philosophy of History

by (author) Jonathan Gorman

From the Heart of the Heartland

The Fiction of Sinclair Ross

edited by John Moss

The Fictions of John Fowles

Power, Creativity, Femininity

by (author) Pamela Cooper

To Serve Canada

A History of the Royal Military College of Canada

by (author) Richard Preston

Bliss Carman

A Reappraisal

edited by Gerald Lynch

The Southern Version of Cursor Mundi, Vol. II

edited by Roger R. Fowler

Re(dis)covering Our Foremothers

Nineteenth-Century Canadian Women's Writers

edited by Lorraine McMullen

The Viandier of Taillevent

An edition of all extant manuscripts

edited by Terrence Scully


Autobiography and Canadian Literature

edited by K.P. Stich

How to Write a Précis

by (author) Pamela Russell

Whence They Came

Deportation from Canada 1900 - 1935

by (author) Barbara Roberts

Future Indicative

Literary Theory and Canadian Literature

edited by John Moss

Stephen Leacock

A Reappraisal

edited by David Staines

The Southern Version of Cursor Mundi, Vol. III

edited by Henry J. Stauffenberg

The Thomas Chandler Haliburton Symposium

edited by Frank Tierney

The Ethel Wilson Symposium

edited by Lorraine McMullen

Short Stories by Thomas Murtha

by (author) Thomas Murtha
edited by William Murtha

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