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Books from this publisher

The Green Chamber

by (author) Martine Desjardins
translated by Fred A. Reed & David Homel

Safety Sand

by (author) Garry Thomas Morse

The Art of Building a Bunker

by (author) Guillermo Verdecchia & Adam Lazarus


by (author) Chantal Bilodeau
foreword by Una Chaudhuri
introduction by Tael Naess


by (author) Sean Devine

After Class

Parents Night and The Bigger Issue

by (author) George F. Walker
introduction by Wes Berger

Prison Industrial Complex Explodes

by (author) Mercedes Eng

Wayside Sang

by (author) Cecily Nicholson

Reveries of a Solitary Biker

by (author) Catriona Strang

From Oral to Written

A Celebration of Indigenous Literature in Canada, 1980–2010

by (author) Tomson Highway
edited by Jordan Abel

Zora, A Cruel Tale

by (author) Philippe Arseneault
translated by Fred A. Reed & David Homel

A Crossing of Hearts

by (author) Michel Tremblay
translated by Sheila Fischman

The Just

by (author) Albert Camus
translated by Bobby Theodore
introduction by Frank Cox-O’Connell

The Gorge

Selected Writing

by (author) Nancy Shaw
edited by Catriona Strang

Same Diff

by (author) Donato Mancini

A Taste of Empire

by (author) Jovanni Sy

In Search of New Babylon

translated by Donald W. Wilson
by (author) Dominique Scali

An Honest Woman

by (author) Jónína Kirton


by (author) Wendy Lill

Inspecting Nostalgia

by (author) R. Kolewe

The Red Notebook

by (author) Michel Tremblay
translated by Sheila Fischman

You Will Remember Me

by (author) François Archambault
translated by Bobby Theodore

Empire of the Son

by (author) Tetsuro Shigematsu
foreword by Donna Yamamoto
introduction by Jerry Wasserman

Entering Time

The Fungus Man Platters of Charles Edenshaw

by (author) Colin Browne

The Envelope

by (author) Vittorio Rossi

False Starts

A Subterfuge of Excellent Wit

by (author) Patrick Leroux
translated by Alexander Rock & Katia Grubisic
introduction by Jenn Stephenson & Nicole Nolette

In a Blue Moon

by (author) Lucia Frangione

Yours Forever, Marie-Lou

by (author) Michel Tremblay
translated by Linda Gaboriau
introduction by Diana Leblanc

Slick Reckoning

by (author) Ken Belford

Friendly Fire

by (author) Danielle LaFrance

Once in Blockadia

by (author) Stephen Collis

U Girl

by (author) Meredith Quartermain

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