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Books from this publisher

Cyrano de Bergerac ebook

by (author) Edmond Rostand
translated by John Murrell

Ali and Ali

The Deportation Hearings

by (author) Camyar Chai, Guillermo Verdecchia & Marcus Youssef

And Slowly Beauty ebook

by (author) Michel Nadeau & Maureen Labonté


by (author) Daniel Canty
translated by Oana Avasilichioaei

And Slowly Beauty

by (author) Michel Nadeau
translated by Maureen Labonté

Rogue Cells / Carbon Harbour

by (author) Garry Thomas Morse

Shattered Images ebook

by (author) Fred A. Reed

Lost In North America ebook

by (author) John Gray

Living by Stories ebook

by (author) Harry Robinson & Wendy Wickwire

Wigrum ebook

by (author) Daniel Canty & Oana Avasilichioaei

Kafka's Hat ebook

translated by Chantal Bilodeau
by (author) Patrice Martin

The (Post) Mistress

by (author) Tomson Highway

The Place of Scraps

by (author) Jordan Abel

Singed Wings

by (author) Lola Lemire Tostevin

Internodes ebook

by (author) Ken Belford


by (author) Ken Belford

The Vestiges

by (author) Jeff Derksen

Modern Canadian Plays, (Volume 2, 5th Edition)

edited by Jerry Wasserman

Crimes and Mercies ebook

by (author) James Bacque

Hosanna (3rd edition)

by (author) Michel Tremblay
translated by John Van Burek & Bill Glassco


by (author) Nikki Reimer


by (author) Catriona Strang

With Bated Breath

by (author) Bryden MacDonald

Unity (1918)

by (author) Kevin Kerr

The Porcupine Hunter and Other Stories

by (author) Ralph Maud

Tombs of the Vanishing Indian

by (author) Marie Clements

In Absentia

by (author) Morris Panych

Tracing the Lines

Reflections on Contemporary Poetics and Cultural Politics in Honour of Roy Miki

edited by Maia Joseph, Christine Kim, Chris Lee & Larissa Lai

In Absentia ebook

by (author) Morris Panych

Billy Bishop Goes to War 2nd Edition ebook

by (author) John MacLachlan Gray
with Eric Peterson

Against The Wind

by (author) Madeleine Gagnon & Howard Scott
translated by Phyllis Aronoff

After Completion

The Later Letters

by (author) Charles Olson
with Frances Boldereff
edited by Sharon Thesen & Ralph Maud

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