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Books from this publisher

Reading Sveva

by (author) Daphne Marlatt

for love and autonomy

by (author) Anahita Jamali Rad

The Days

Forecasts, Warnings, Advice

by (author) M.A.C. Farrant

Price Paid

The Fight for First Nations Survival

by (author) Bev Sellars

Running on Fumes

by (author) Christian Guay-Poliquin
translated by Jacob Homel

The Watershed

by (author) Annabel Soutar

The Bicycle Eater

by (author) Larry Tremblay
translated by Sheila Fischman

The Commons

by (author) Stephenn Collis


by (author) Lucia Frangione

The Fat Woman Next Door Is Pregnant

by (author) Michel Tremblay
translated by Sheila Fischman


by (author) Morris Panych

A Line in the Sand

by (author) Guillermo Verdecchia

th book

by (author) bill bissett

Human Tissue

by (author) Weyman Chan

Pound @ Guntánamo

by (author) Clint Burnham

For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again

by (author) Michel Tremblay
translated by Linda Gaboriau

Forever Yours, Marie-Lou

by (author) Michel Tremblay
translated by John Van Burek & Bill Glassco

Inside the Seed

by (author) Jason Rothery


by (author) Jordan Abel

We the Family

A Play

by (author) George F. Walker

The Ecstasy of Rita Joe

by (author) George Ryga

Dead White Writer on the Floor

by (author) Drew Hayden Taylor

Studies in Description

Reading Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons

by (author) Carl Peters

Toronto, Mississippi

by (author) Joan MacLeod

Mend the Living

by (author) Maylis de Kerangal
translated by Jessica Moore

The Terror of the Coast

Land Alienation and Colonial War on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, 1849-1863

by (author) Chris Arnett

Crees in the Caribbean

by (author) Drew Hayden Taylor

Mambo Italiano

by (author) Steve Galluccio

Cerulean Blue ebook

by (author) Drew Hayden Taylor

Balconville ebook

by (author) David Fennario

Cosmophilia ebook

by (author) Rahat Kurd

Theatre and AutoBiography

Writing and Performing Lives in Theory and Practice

edited by Sherrill Grace & Jerry Wasserman

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