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Books from this publisher


by (author) Ivan Drury

The In-Between

by (author) Marcus Youssef

Still • Falling and The Code

Two Plays for Teens

by (author) Rachel Aberle

its th sailors life / still in treetment

meditaysyuns from gold mountain

by (author) bill bissett

Untimely Passages

Dossiers from the Other Shore

by (author) Jerry Zaslove

Standing in a River of Time

by (author) Jónína Kirton

Unfuckable Lardass

by (author) Catriona Strang


a pick-the-path experience

by (author) Daniel Arnold, Medina Hahn & Darrell Dennis

The Grand Melee

by (author) Michel Tremblay
translated by Sheila Fischman


by (author) Nicole Raziya Fong

The City That Is Leaving Forever

Kashmiri Letters

by (author) Rahat Kurd & Sumayya Syed

The Full Light of Day

by (author) Daniel Brooks

Flying Red Horse

by (author) Dale Martin Smith

A Future Perfect

by (author) Razielle Aigen

Coast Mountain Foot

by (author) ryan fitzpatrick

Little Red Warrior and His Lawyer

A Trickster Land Claim Fable

by (author) Kevin Loring

Anywhere but Here

by (author) Carmen Aguirre

Gabriel Dumont's Wild West Show

by (author) Jean Marc Dalpé, David Granger, Laura Lussier, Alexis Martin, Andrea Menard, Yvette Nolan, Gilles Poulin-Denis, Paula-Jean Prudat, Mansel Robinson & Kenneth T. Williams


The Saddest Music in the World

by (author) Elaine Ávila

Then Now

by (author) Daphne Marlatt

Painting Time

by (author) Maylis de Kerangal
translated by Jessica Moore

One and Half of You

by (author) Leanne Dunic


by (author) Anahita Jamali Rad

One Good Thing

A Living Memoir

by (author) M.A.C. Farrant

A History of the Theories of Rain

by (author) Stephen Collis

Asking For It

and What I Call Her

by (author) Ellie Moon


by (author) Tetsuro Shigematsu

eat salt | gaze at the ocean

by (author) Junie Désil

The Diary of Dukesang Wong

A Voice from Gold Mountain

edited by David McIlwraith
translated by Wanda Joy Hoe
by (author) Dukesang Wong


New Poems

by (author) Colin Browne


by (author) Anne-Marie Saint-Cerny
translated by W. Donald Wilson

Desire Path

by (author) Taryn Hubbard

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