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Books from this publisher

Fronteras Americanas ebook

[Second Edition]

by (author) Guillermo Verdecchia

Billy Bishop Goes to War 2nd Edition

by (author) John MacLachlan Gray
with Eric Peterson

Where the Blood Mixes

by (author) Kevin Loring

Dispatches from the Occupation

A History of Change

by (author) Stephen Collis

This Poem

by (author) Adeena Karasick


by (author) Annabel Soutar

Minor Episodes / Major Ruckus ebook

by (author) Garry Thomas Morse

Minor Episodes / Major Ruckus

by (author) Garry Thomas Morse

Seeds ebook

by (author) Annabel Soutar

Dispatches from the Occupation ebook

by (author) Stephen Collis

Theogony / Works and Days

translated by C.S. Morrissey
by (author) First Hesiod

Turkana Boy

by (author) Jean-Francois Beauchemin
translated by Jessica Moore

Blue Box

by (author) Carmen Aguirre

The Battle of Batoche

Small British Warfare and the Entrenched Métis

by (author) Walter Hildebrandt
foreword by Jean Teillet

Blue Box ebook

by (author) Carmen Aguirre

Vigil (2nd Edition)

by (author) Morris Panych

Cold Comfort

Growing Up Cold War

by (author) Gil McElroy

Vigil (2nd Edition) ebook

by (author) Morris Panych

Cold Comfort ebook

by (author) Gil McElroy

Maleficium ebook

by (author) Martine Desjardins
translated by Fred A. Reed & David Homel

In the Dog House

by (author) Wanda John-Kehewin

Kafka's Hat

translated by Chantal Bilodeau
by (author) Patrice Martin

King of Thieves

by (author) George F. Walker

The Monument Cycles

by (author) Mariner Janes

Leave of Absence

by (author) Lucia Frangione


Vancouver Poems Then and Now

by (author) Daphne Marlatt

Bolsheviki ebook

by (author) David Fennario

Coping with Emotions and Otters

by (author) Dina Del Bucchia

hungree throat

a novel in meditaysyun

by (author) bill bissett

Tom at the Farm

by (author) Michel Marc Bouchard
translated by Linda Gaboriau

Leave of Absence ebook

by (author) Lucia Frangione

Tombs of the Vanishing Indian ebook

by (author) Marie Clements

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