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David Suzuki

Dr. David Suzuki has made it his life's work to help humanity understand, appreciate, respect and protect nature. A scientist, broadcaster, author, and co-founder of the David Suzuki Foundation, he is a gifted interpreter of science and nature who provides audiences with a compelling look at the state of our environment, underscoring both the successes we have achieved in the battle for environmental sustainability, and the strides we still have to make. Both inspiring and realistic, he offers leading-edge insights into sustainable development and model for a world in which humanity can live well and still protect our environment.

He is familiar to television audiences as host of the CBC science and natural history television series The Nature of Things, and to radio audiences as the original host of CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks, as well as the acclaimed series It's a Matter of Survival and From Naked Ape to Superspecies. David was the recipient of The Canadian Academy of Cinema and Television's 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award.

An award-winning writer and former faculty member of Harvard University, Tara Cullis has been a key player in environmental movements in the Amazon, Southeast Asia, Japan and British Columbia.

She was a founder of the Turning Point Initiative, now known as the Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiative. This brought First Nations of British Columbia’s central and northern coasts into a historic alliance, protecting the ecology of the region known as the Great Bear Rainforest.

In 1990 Dr. Tara Cullis co-founded, with Dr. David Suzuki, the David Suzuki Foundation to “collaborate with Canadians from all walks of life including government and business, to conserve our environment and find solutions that will create a sustainable Canada through science-based research, education and policy work.” Tara founded or co-founded nine other organizations before co-founding the David Suzuki Foundation.

Tara has been adopted and named by Haida, Gitga’at, Heiltsuk, and Nam’gis First Nations.

Miriam Fernandes is a Toronto-based artist who has worked as an actor, director, and theatre-maker around the world. Recent directing and creation credits include Hayavadana (Soulpepper Theatre), Nesen, (MiniMidiMaxi Festival, Norway) The First Time I Saw the Sea (YVA Company, Norway). She is currently is co-writing/adapting for the stage the ancient epic, Mahabharata (Why Not Theatre/Shaw Festival), is developing a Deaf/hearing production of Lady Macbeth (in partnership with 1S1 Collective), and is the co-writer of What You Won’t Do for Love with Drs. David Suzuki and Tara Cullis. Miriam is the recipient of the JBC Watkins Award and was nominated for the inaugural Johanna Metcalf Performing Arts Prize. She is also the co-artistic director of Why Not Theatre and has trained with Anne Bogart’s SITI Company, and is a graduate of École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris.

Toronto-based stage director Ravi Jain is a multi-award-winning artist known for making politically bold and accessible theatrical experiences in both small indie productions and large theatres. As the founding artistic director of Why Not Theatre, Ravi has established himself as an artistic leader for his inventive productions, international producing/collaborations and innovative producing models which are aimed to better support emerging artists to make money from their art.

Ravi was twice shortlisted for the 2016 and 2019 Siminovitch Prize and won the 2012 Pauline McGibbon Award for Emerging Director and the 2016 Canada Council John Hirsch Prize for direction. He is a graduate of the two-year program at École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq. He was selected to be on the roster of clowns for Cirque du Soleiiel. Currently, Sea Sick, which he co-directed, will be on at the National Theatre in London, his adaptation of The Indian epic Mahabarata will premier at the Shaw Festival, and What You Won’t Do For Love, starring David Suzuki will premier in 2021.

Books by David Suzuki

Nature-First Cities

Restoring Relationships with Ecosystems and with Each Other

by (author) Cam Brewer, Herb Hammond & Sean Markey
foreword by Faisal Moola & David Suzuki

Bompa's Insect Expedition

by (author) David Suzuki & Tanya Lloyd Kyi
illustrated by Qin Leng

The Sacred Balance, 25th anniversary edition

Rediscovering Our Place in Nature

by (author) David Suzuki
foreword by Robin Wall Kimmerer
afterword by Bill McKibben

What You Won’t Do For Love: A Conversation

by (author) David Suzuki, Tara Cullis, Miriam Fernandes & Ravi Jain

The Declaration of Interdependence

A Pledge to Planet Earth—30th Anniversary Edition

by (author) David Suzuki & Tara Cullis
illustrated by Michael Yahgulanaas

Tree, A Life Story

by (author) David Suzuki & Wayne Grady
foreword by Peter Wohlleben
narrator David Skulski

Just Cool It!

The Climate Crisis and What We Can Do - A Post-Paris Agreement Game Plan

by (author) Ian Hanington & David Suzuki

Reinventing Prosperity

Managing Economic Growth to Reduce Unemployment, Inequality and Climate Change

by (author) Graeme Maxton & Jorgen Randers
foreword by David Suzuki

Letters to My Grandchildren

Wisdom and Inspiration from One of the Most Important Thinkers on the Planet

by (author) David Suzuki

A Letter to My Grandchildren

by (author) David Suzuki

Living Things We Love To Hate

Facts, Fantacies & Fallacies

by (author) Des Kennedy
foreword by David Suzuki

Everything Under the Sun

Toward a Brighter Future on a Small Blue Planet

by (author) David Suzuki & Ian Hanington

The Sacred Headwaters

The Fight to Save the Stikine, Skeena, and Nass

by (author) Wade Davis
foreword by David Suzuki
afterword by Robert Kennedy Jr.
photographs by Carr Clifton And Other Members Of The ILCP

The Legacy

An Elder's Vision for Our Sustainable Future

by (author) David Suzuki
introduction by Margaret Atwood

You Are the Earth

Know Your World So You Can Help Make It Better

by (author) David Suzuki & Kathy Vanderlinden
illustrated by Wallace Edwards

Legacy, The

An Elder's Vision of Our Sustainable Future

by (author) David Suzuki

There's a Barnyard in My Bedroom

by (author) David Suzuki
illustrated by Eugenie Fernandes

Dodging the Toxic Bullet

How to Protect Yourself from Everyday Environmental Health Hazards

by (author) David R. Boyd
foreword by David Suzuki

The Big Picture

Reflections on Science, Humanity, and a Quickly Changing Planet

by (author) David Suzuki

A Good Catch

Sustainable Seafood Recipes from Canada's Top Chefs

by (author) Jill Lambert
foreword by David Suzuki

David Suzuki's Green Guide

by (author) David Suzuki & David R. Boyd

Salmon Forest

by (author) David Suzuki & Sarah Ellis
illustrated by Sheena Lott

Wisdom of the Elders

Native and Scientific Ways of Knowing about Nature

by (author) Peter Knudtson & David Suzuki

David Suzuki

The Autobiography

by (author) David Suzuki

From Naked Ape to Superspecies

Humanity and the Global Eco-Crisis

by (author) David Suzuki & Holly Dressel

A Stain Upon the Sea

West Coast Salmon Farming

by (author) Stephen Hume, Betty Keller, Alexandra Morton, Rosella M. Leslie, Otto Langer & Don Staniford
preface by David Suzuki
introduction by Terry Glavin


A Life Story

by (author) David Suzuki & Wayne Grady
illustrated by Robert Bateman

The Sacred Balance

A Visual Celebration of Our Place in Nature

by (author) David Suzuki

The David Suzuki Reader

by (author) David Suzuki
foreword by Bill McKibben

Good News For a Change

How Everyday People are Helping the Planet

by (author) David Suzuki & Holly Dressel

The Tree Suitcase

Grow Your Own Spruce Tree

by (author) David Suzuki
illustrated by Yvonne Cathcart


Great Projects, Experiments, and Games for a Greener Earth

by (author) David Suzuki & Kathy Vanderlinden

Sacred Balance, The

A Visual Celebration of Our Place in Nature

by (author) David Suzuki, Amanda McConnell & Maria DeCambra

When the Wild Comes Leaping Up

Personal Encounters with Nature

by (author) David Suzuki

More Good News

Real Solutions to the Global Eco-Crisis

by (author) David Suzuki & Holly Dressel


by (author) John Bacher
foreword by David Suzuki


Ancient Realm of the Pacific Northwest

by (author) Wade Davis
introduction by David Suzuki
photographs by Graham Osborne

Plundered Seas, The

Can the World's Fish be Saved?

by (author) Michael Berrill
introduction by David Suzuki