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Wolsak and Wynn Publishers Ltd.

Books from this publisher

Reclaiming Hamilton

Essays from the New Ambitious City

edited by Paul Weinberg

From My Mother's Back

A Journey from Kenya to Canada

by (author) Njoki Wane

Falling for Myself

by (author) Dorothy Palmer

A Very Special Episode

by (author) Nathan Dueck

For It Is a Pleasure and a Surprise to Breathe

New and Selected Poems

by (author) Gary Barwin

Little Fortress

by (author) Laisha Rosnau

Complete Works of Oliverio Girondo, The

Volume I

translated by Hugh Hazelton
by (author) Oliverio Girondo

With My Back to the World

by (author) Sally Cooper


Walking in Canada's Urban Forests

by (author) Ariel Gordon

Western Alienation Merit Badge, The

by (author) Nancy Jo Cullen

Proof I Was Here

by (author) Becky Blake

Dark Set, The

New Tenderman Poems

by (author) Tim Bowling

Love in the Chthulucene (Cthulhucene)

by (author) Natalee Caple


by (author) Armand Garnet Ruffo

Obras completas / Complete Works

translated by Hugh Hazelton
by (author) Oliverio Girondo

We Like Feelings. We Are Serious.

by (author) Julie McIsaac

Some of Us and Most of You Are Dead

by (author) Peter Norman

Death Scene Artist, The

by (author) Andrew Wilmot

Grimoire of Kensington Market, The

by (author) Lauren Davis

Daylighting Chedoke

Exploring Hamilton's Hidden Creek

by (author) John Terpstra

Out of Line

Daring to be an Artist Outside the Big City

by (author) Tanis MacDonald


by (author) Rabindranath Maharaj

In Search of the Perfect Singing Flamingo

by (author) Claire Tacon


by (author) Linda Frank

Listen Before Transmit

by (author) Dani Couture

Ten-Headed Alien

by (author) David James Brock

Following the River

Traces of Red River Women

by (author) Lorri Neilsen Glenn

Has the World Ended Yet?


by (author) Peter Darbyshire


Deciphering Shopping in Canada

by (author) Kit Dobson

Celery Forest, The

by (author) Catherine Graham

Voodoo Hypothesis

by (author) Canisia Lubrin

Prisoner and the Chaplain, The

by (author) Michelle Berry

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