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Wolsak and Wynn Publishers Ltd.

Books from this publisher

Chasing Zebras

A Memoir of Genetics, Mental Health and Writing

by (author) Margaret Nowaczyk

The Call of the Red-winged Blackbird

Essays on the Common and Extraordinary

by (author) Tim Bowling

Wave Forms and Doom Scrolls


by (author) Daniel Scott Tysdal

The Endless Garment

by (author) Marguerite Pigeon


an offshore poem

by (author) Adrian De Leon

I Thought He Was Dead

A Spiritual Memoir

by (author) Ralph Benmergui

Everything Turns Away

by (author) Michelle Berry

Grey Owl

The Mystery of Archie Belaney

by (author) Armand Garnet Ruffo

At Geronimo's Grave

by (author) Armand Garnet Ruffo

The Medusa Deep

by (author) David Neil Lee

Monster Child

by (author) Rahela Nayebzadah

Radium Girl


by (author) Sofi Papamarko


An Out-of-Body Lyric

by (author) Catherine Graham

The Shadow List

by (author) Jen Sookfong Lee

Her Name Was Margaret

Life and Death on the Streets

by (author) Denise Davy

Stella Atlantis

by (author) Susan Perly


A Year of Bees

by (author) Jenna Butler

Girl Minus X

by (author) Anne Stone

Reclaiming Hamilton

Essays from the New Ambitious City

edited by Paul Weinberg

All the Animals on Earth

by (author) Mark Sampson

Double Self-Portrait

by (author) James Lindsay

Cephalopography 2.0

by (author) Rasiqra Revulva

Moving to Climate Change Hours

by (author) Ross Belot

The Only Card in a Deck of Knives

edited by Lauren Turner

Locations of Grief

An Emotional Geography

edited by Catherine Owen

From My Mother's Back

A Journey from Kenya to Canada

by (author) Njoki Wane

Falling for Myself

by (author) Dorothy Palmer

A Very Special Episode

by (author) Nathan Dueck

For It Is a Pleasure and a Surprise to Breathe

New and Selected Poems

by (author) Gary Barwin

Little Fortress

by (author) Laisha Rosnau

Complete Works of Oliverio Girondo, The

Volume I

translated by Hugh Hazelton
by (author) Oliverio Girondo

With My Back to the World

by (author) Sally Cooper

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