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Three O'Clock Press

Books from this publisher

One Kind Word

Women Share their Abortion Experiences

edited by Martha Solomon
photographs by Kathryn Palmateer
foreword by Judy Rebick & Jillian Bardsley

The Newcomers

by (author) Lily Poritz Miller

Gathered Light

The Poetry of Joni Mitchell's Songs

edited by Lisa Sornberger & John Sornberger
lyrics by Joni Mitchell


by (author) Jacqui Kelley-Kinnie

Angela James

The First Superstar of Canadian Women's Hockey

by (author) Tom Bartsiokas & Corey Long

Gwen in West Wind Calling

West Wind Calling

by (author) Carolyn Pogue

When We Were Good

by (author) Suzanne Sutherland

On the Edge of Being

An Afghan Woman's Journey

by (author) Sharifa Sharif


by (author) Carmen Rodríguez


A Novel

by (author) Daniel Jones
introduction by Liz Worth & Kevin Connolly

Beyond Their Years

Five Native Women's Stories

by (author) John L. Steckley

Lnu and Indians We're Called

by (author) Rita Joe


by (author) Leora Freedman

The Only Shadow in the House

A Sumach Travel Mystery

by (author) Joan Donaldson-Yarmey

Lily in the Snow

by (author) Yan Li

In a Pale Blue Light

A Novel

by (author) Lily Poritz Miller

Ragged Chain

A Sumach Mystery

by (author) Vivan Meyer

Seda's Story

A Memoir

edited by Bonnie MacLachlan

Who's Your Daddy?

And Other Writings on Queer Parenting

edited by Rachel Epstein
contributions by Melissa Hart, Emma Donoghue, Syrus Marcus Ware, Shira Spector, Suzanne Pelka, Aviva Rubin, Allison Eady, Lori E. Ross, Scott Andersen, Rebecca Trotzky-Sirr, Maura Ryan, Derek P. Scott, Anika Stafford, Nancy Nicol, LGBT Family Coalition, Lois Fine, Diane Flacks, David Rayside, Becky Idems, Adinne Schwartz, Jamie K. Evans, Karleen Pendleton Jimenez, Cindy Holmes, Anne Fleming, N. Gitanjali Lena, Toby Hill-Meyer, Serena Patterson, Julie Mooney-Somers, Eamon Somers, Makeda Silvera, Elizabeth Ruth, christina starr, Shelley M. Park, Jaime Grant, Joanna Radbord, Allesandra (Alex) Iantaffi, Laurie Bell & Jonathan Feakins
interviewee Chris Veldhoven, Thom Vernon, Anne-Marie MacDonald & Single Moms Group


A Young Adult Novel

by (author) Carolyn Pogue

Exclusion Principle, The

A Novel

by (author) Leona Gom

Not Done Yet

Living Through Breast Cancer

by (author) Laurie Kingston



by (author) Yannick Marshall

40 dayz

by (author) Motion

Gwethalyn Graham

A Liberated Woman in a Conventional Age

by (author) Barbara Meadowcroft

Healer's Touch

A Young Adult Novel

by (author) Anne Gray


Breakaway Fiction for Real Girls

edited by Deb Loughead & Jocelyn Shipley

No Easy Answers

by (author) Deanna Lueder

Watching July

A Young Adult Novel

by (author) Christine Hart

The Sherpa

and Other Fictions

by (author) Nila Gupta

rivers…and other blackness…between us

by (author) d'bi young

The Penalty Box

by (author) Larry O'Connor

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