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Mother Tongue Publishing

Books from this publisher

blue gait

new poems

by (author) shauna paull

Half Brothers and Other Stories

a novella and four fictions

by (author) Bill Stenson
illustrated by David Lester

Black Bears in the Carrot Field

by (author) Linda K. Thompson

I will be more myself in the next world

by (author) Matsuki Masutani

A Pocket Guide to The Unheralded Artists of BC Series

The Life and Art of–Jack Akroyd, George Fertig, Mary Filer, Jack Hardman, Edythe Hembroff-Schleicher, LeRoy Jensen, David Marshall, Frank Molnar, Arthur Pitts, Mildred Valley Thornton, Ina D.D. Uhthoff, Harry Webb, Jessie Webb

edited by Mona Fertig
introduction by Marsha Lederman

Road Trips

Journeys in the Unspoiled World

by (author) Trevor Carolan

the broken boat

new poems

by (author) Daniela Elza

Disappearing Minglewood Blues


by (author) M.C. Warrior

My Father, Fortune-tellers & Me

A Memoir

by (author) Eufemia Fantetti

What Is Long Past Occurs in Full Light

by (author) Marilyn Bowering

Love of the Salish Sea Islands

New Essays, Memoir and Poetry by 40 Island Writers

edited by Mona Fertig
introduction by Gail Sjuberg

Little Red

new poetry

by (author) Kerry Gilbert

Ordinary Strangers

by (author) Bill Stenson

Undiscovered Country

by (author) Al Rempel

Crow Jazz

by (author) Linda Rogers


by (author) Patrick Friesen

The Life and Art of Arthur Pitts

by (author) Kerry Mason

Euclid's Orchard and Other Essays

by (author) Theresa Kishkan

The Summer Book

A bright collection of creative non-fiction

edited by Mona Fertig

Frequent, small loads of laundry


by (author) Rhonda Ganz

Shakespearean Blues

by (author) Shirley Graham

The Life and Art of Mary Filer

by (author) Christina Johnson-Dean

The Dancehall Years

A West Coast saga from Bowen Island, 1939

by (author) Joan Haggerty

tight wire

by (author) Kerry Gilbert

Liverpool Lad

Adventures Growing Up in Postwar Liverpool

by (author) Peter Haase

The Literary Storefront: The Glory Years

Vancouver's Literary Centre 1978-1985

by (author) Trevor Carolan
foreword by Jean Barman


A novella

by (author) Theresa Kishkan

The Life and Art of Jack Akroyd

by (author) Peter Busby
introduction by Paul Wolf

a short history of crazy bone

by (author) Patrick Friesen

Braided Skin

by (author) Chelene Knight

Flowers We Will Never Know the Names Of


by (author) Cathy Ford

Gone South and Other Ways to Disappear

Short Stories

by (author) Julia Leggett

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