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Fordham University Press

Books from this publisher

Totality Inside Out

Rethinking Crisis and Conflict under Capital

edited by Kevin Floyd
contributions by Jen Hedler Phillis, Sarika Chandra, Brent Ryan Bellamy, Sarah Brouillette, Chris Chen, Joshua Clover, Tim Kreiner, Arthur Scarritt, Zoe Sutherland & Marina Vishmidt

Women and Religiosity in Orthodox Christianity

contributions by Ina Merdjanova, Kristin Aune, Milica Bakic-Hayden, Maria Bucur, Ketevan Gurchiani, James Kapalo, Helena Kupari, Sarah Riccardi-Swartz, Eleni Sotiriou, Tatiana Tiaynen-Qadir & Detelina Tocheva

Giving the Devil His Due

Satan and Cinema

contributions by Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock, Regina M. Hansen, Simon Bacon, Katherine A. Fowkes, David Hauka, Russ Hunter, Barry C. Knowlton, Eloise R. Knowlton, Murray Leeder, Catherine O'Brien, R. Barton Palmer, Carl H. Sederholm, David Sterritt & J.P. Telotte

Gasoline Dreams

Waking Up from Petroculture

by (author) Simon Orpana
foreword by Imre Szeman
afterword by Mark Simpson

Atonement and Comparative Theology

The Cross in Dialogue with Other Religions

edited by Catherine Cornille
contributions by Bede Benjamin Bidlack, Francis X. Clooney, Thierry-Marie Courau, S. Mark Heim, Daniel Joslyn-Siemiatkoski, Leo D. Lefebure, Daniel A. Madigan, Marianne Moyaert, Joshua Ralston, Elochukwu Uzukwu, Klaus von Stosch & Michelle Voss Roberts

Atonement and Comparative Theology

The Cross in Dialogue with Other Religions

edited by Catherine Cornille
contributions by Bede Benjamin Bidlack, Francis X. Clooney, Thierry-Marie Courau, S. Mark Heim, Daniel Joslyn-Siemiatkoski, Leo D. Lefebure, Daniel A. Madigan, Marianne Moyaert, Joshua Ralston, Elochukwu Uzukwu, Klaus von Stosch & Michelle Voss Roberts

Living with Concepts

Anthropology in the Grip of Reality

contributions by Andrew Brandel, Marco Motta, Jocelyn Benoist, Michael Cordey, Veena Das, Rasmus Dyring, Michael D. Jackson, Michael Lambek, Sandra Laugier, Michael Puett, Lotte Buch Segal & Thomas Schwarz Wentzer

Hijras, Lovers, Brothers

Surviving Sex and Poverty in Rural India

by (author) Vaibhav Saria

Land of Stark Contrasts

Faith-Based Responses to Homelessness in the United States

contributions by Manuel Mejido Costoya, Paul H. Blankenship, Margaret Breen, Jeremy Brown, Sathianathan Clarke, John A. Coleman, María Teresa Dávila, Michael R. Fisher, Nancy Khalil, Lauren Lawson, Roberto Mata, Bruce Miller, James Spickard & Laura Stivers

Nothing Absolute

German Idealism and the Question of Political Theology

contributions by Kirill Chepurin, Alex Dubilet, Joseph Albernaz, Daniel C. Barber, Agata Bielik-Robson, S.D. Chrostowska, Saitya Brata Das, Vincent W. Lloyd, Thomas Lynch, James Martel, Steven Shakespeare, Oxana Timofeeva & Daniel Whistler

Rationalist Empiricism

A Theory of Speculative Critique

by (author) Nathan Brown

At Wit's End

The Deadly Discourse on the Jewish Joke

by (author) Louis Kaplan

Remaking North American Sovereignty

State Transformation in the 1860s

contributions by Jewel L. Spangler, Frank Towers, Robert E. Bonner, Christopher Clark, Jane Dinwoodie, Steven Hahn, Ryan Hall, Benjamin Johnson, Pablo Mijangos, Mary Ryan, Andrew Smith & Marcela Terrazas y Basante
series edited by Andrew L. Slap

Religion, Emotion, Sensation

Affect Theories and Theologies

contributions by Karen Bray, Stephen D. Moore, Mathew Arthur, Amy Hollywood, Wonhee Anne Joh, Dong Sung Kim, A. Paige Rawson, Erin Runions, Donovan O. Schaefer, Gregory J. Seigworth, Max Thornton & Alexis G. Waller

Morality at the Margins

Youth, Language, and Islam in Coastal Kenya

by (author) Sarah Hillewaert

Whose Middle Ages?

Teachable Moments for an Ill-Used Past

edited by Andrew Albin, Mary C. Erler, Thomas O'Donnell & Nina Rowe
contributions by Nicholas L. Paul, Sandy Bardsley, Adam Bishop, Marian Bleeke, Will Cerbone, William Diebold, Fred Donner, Sarah Guérin, J. Patrick Hornbeck II, Lauren Mancia, Stephennie Mulder, W. Mark Ormrod, Pamela Patton, Andrew Reeves, Ryan Szpiech, Magda Teter, Elizabeth Tyler, David Wacks, Cord Whitaker, Maggie Williams, Katherine Wilson & Helen Young
introduction by David Perry
afterword by Geraldine Heng

Witnessing Girlhood

Toward an Intersectional Tradition of Life Writing

by (author) Leigh Gilmore & Elizabeth Marshall

The Reproduction of Life Death

Derrida's La vie la mort

by (author) Dawne McCance

Reading Sideways

The Queer Politics of Art in Modern American Fiction

by (author) Dana Seitler

Messy Eating

Conversations on Animals as Food

contributions by Samantha King, R. Scott Carey, Isabel Macquarrie, Victoria Niva Millious, Elaine M. Power, Neel Ahuja, Billy-Ray Belcourt, Matthew R. Calarco, Lauren Corman, Naisargi N. Dave, Maneesha Deckha, María Elena García, Sharon P. Holland, H. Peter Steeves, Kelly Struthers Montford, Kim TallBear, Sunaura Taylor, Harlan Weaver, Kari Weil & Cary Wolfe


German Perspectives

edited by John J. Drummond & Otfried Höffe
contributions by Rudolf Bernet, Christopher Erhard, Klaus Held, Ludwig Landgrebe, Dieter Lohmar, Verena Mayer, Ullrich Melle, Karl Mertens, Ernst Wolfgang Orth, Jan Patocka, Sonja Rinofner-Kreidl, Karl Schuhmann, Elisabeth Ströker, Patrick Eldridge, Hayden Kee & Robin Litscher Wilkins

Queer as Camp

Essays on Summer, Style, and Sexuality

contributions by Kenneth B. Kidd, Derritt Mason, Kyle Eveleth, Kathryn Kent, D. Gilson, Charlie Hailey, Ana M. Jimenez-Moreno, Mark Lipton, Chris McGee, Roderick McGillis, Kerry Mallan, Tammy L. Mielke, Alexis Mitchell, Flavia Musinsky, Daniel Mallory Ortberg, Annebella Pollen, Andrew Trevarrow, Paul Venzo & Joshua Whitehead

The Supermarket of the Visible

Toward a General Economy of Images

by (author) Peter Szendy
translated by Jan Plug

Ecological Form

System and Aesthetics in the Age of Empire

contributions by Nathan K. Hensley, Philip Steer, Lynn Voskuil, Jesse Oak Taylor, Teresa Shewry, Aaron Rosenberg, Benjamin Morgan, Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, Deanna K. Kreisel, Adam Grener, Sukanya Banerjee & Monique Allewaert
afterword by Karen Pinkus

Pathological Realities

Essays on Disease, Experiments, and History

by (author) Mirko Grmek
edited and translated by Pierre-Olivier Méthot
foreword by Hans-Jörg Rheinberger


by (author) Jean-Luc Nancy
translated by Sarah Clift & Simon Sparks
introduction by Jeffrey S. Librett

Freud and Monotheism

Moses and the Violent Origins of Religion

contributions by Gilad Sharvit, Jan Assmann, Richard Bernstein, Willi Goetschel, Ronald Hendel, Catherine Malabou, Gabriele Schwab, Yael Segalovitz & Joel Whitebook
edited by Karen S. Feldman


Derrida and Environmental Philosophy

contributions by Matthias Fritsch, Philippe Lynes, David Wood, Karen Barad, Timothy Clark, Claire Colebrook, Vicki Kirby, John Llewelyn, Michael Marder, Dawne McCance, Michael Naas, Kelly Oliver, Michael Peterson, Ted Toadvine & Cary Wolfe

Liturgical Theology after Schmemann

An Orthodox Reading of Paul Ricoeur

by (author) Brian A. Butcher
foreword by Andrew Louth, FBA

Of Stigmatology

Punctuation as Experience

by (author) Peter Szendy
translated by Jan Plug

The Technological Introject

Friedrich Kittler between Implementation and the Incalculable

contributions by Jeffrey Champlin, Antje Pfannkuchen, Rudiger Campe, Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, Bernhard Dotzler, Elisabeth Weber, Samuel Weber, Mert Bahadir Reisoglu, Dominik Zechner, Chadwick Truscott Smith, Laurence A. Rickels, Nimrod Reitman, Hans-Christian von Herrmann, Geoffrey Winthrop-Young, Ute Holl & Bernhard Siegert
afterword by Avital Ronell

Cruising the Library

Perversities in the Organization of Knowledge

by (author) Melissa Adler

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