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Gregory Betts

GREGORY BETTS is a poet, editor, essayist and teacher, originally from Vancouver and Toronto. Since his first published poem, an anagrammatical translation of a short poem by bpNichol, Betts's work has consistently troubled individual authorship through such mechanisms as anagrams, collaboration, found-texts and response-text writing. If Language presents paragraph-length anagrams that explore the formation of meaning within a recombinant linguistic system. Haikube was part of a collaborative art project with sculptors Matt Donovan and Hallie Siegel in which six of Betts's poems were carved into an ebony movable (a la Rubiks) cube. The text was carved in negative relief, which allowed the cube to function as a press block to print new poems as they were 'discovered' by moving the sides of the cube. Betts currently lives in St. Catharines, where he edits PRECIPICe magazine, curates the Grey Borders Reading Series and teaches Avant-Garde and Canadian Literature at Brock University.

Books by Gregory Betts

Some Lines of Poetry

From the Notebooks of bpNichol

edited by derek beaulieu & Gregory Betts

Future Horizons

Canadian Digital Humanities

series edited by Dean Irvine
contributions by Kiera Obbard, Sandra Djwa, Roopika Risam, Andrea Zeffiro, Deanna Fong, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Gregory Betts, Eric Schmaltz, Dani Spinosa, Klara du Plessis, David Gaertner, Mark V. Campbell, Jon Saklofske, Julia Polyck-O’Neill, Kim Martin, Rashmeet Kaur, Pascale Dangoisse, Constance Crompton, Michelle Schwartz, Katherine McLeod, Graham H. Jensen, Allan Cho, Sarah Zhang, Kendra Cowley, Susan Brown & Asen Ivanov
edited by Sarah Roger & Paul Barrett

Finding Nothing

The VanGardes, 1959-1975

by (author) Gregory Betts

They Have Bodies

by (author) Barney Allen
edited by Gregory Betts

They Have Bodies, by Barney Allen

A Critical Edition

by (author) Barney Allen
edited by Gregory Betts

Avant Canada

Poets, Prophets, Revolutionaries

edited by Christian Bök, Fellow, Royal Society of Canada & Gregory Betts

Space Between Her Lips

The Poetry of Margaret Christakos

by (author) Margaret Christakos
edited by Gregory Betts

Counterblasting Canada

Marshall McLuhan, Wyndham Lewis, Wilfred Watson, and Sheila Watson

edited by Gregory Betts, Paul Hjartarson & Kristine Smitka

This is Importance

A Students' Guide to literature

edited by Gregory Betts

Avant-Garde Canadian Literature

The Early Manifestations

by (author) Gregory Betts


what fukan theory; a study uv language

by (author) bill bissett
edited by derek beaulieu & Gregory Betts

The Obvious Flap

by (author) Gary Barwin & Gregory Betts

After Exile

A Raymond Knister Poetry Reader

by (author) Raymond Knister
edited by Gregory Betts

The Captain Poetry Poems

by (author) bp Nichol
introduction by bill bissett, derek beaulieu & Gregory Betts

The Wrong World

Selected Stories and Essays of Bertram Brooker

by (author) Bertram Brooker
edited by Gregory Betts

Psychic Geographies and Other Topics

by (author) Gregory Betts

Lawren Harris: In the Ward

His Urban Poetry and Painting

by (author) Lawren Harris
edited by Gregory Betts

If Language

by (author) Gregory Betts