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A History of Science in Society, Volume I

From the Ancient Greeks to the Scientific Revolution, Third Edition

by (author) Andrew Ede & Lesley B. Cormack

A History of Science in Society, Volume II

From the Scientific Revolution to the Present, Third Edition

by (author) Andrew Ede & Lesley B. Cormack

The Better Angels of Our Nature

Why Violence Has Declined

by (author) Steven Pinker
read by Arthur Morey

Do Humankind’s Best Days Lie Ahead?

The Munk Debates

by (author) Steven Pinker, Matt Ridley, Alain de Botton & Malcolm Gladwell

Oppositions and Paradoxes

Philosophical Perplexities in Science and Mathematics

by (author) John Bell


Why We Fear the Things We Shouldn't -- and Put Ourselves in Greater Danger

by (author) Dan Gardner

Standard candles

by (author) Alice Major

Humans 3.0

The Upgrading of the Species

by (author) Peter Nowak

Bold Scientists

Dispatches from the Battle for Honest Science

by (author) Michael Riordon

Culturing Bioscience

A Case Study in the Anthropology of Science

by (author) Udo Krautwurst

Pain and Prejudice

What Science Can Learn about Work from the People Who Do It

by (author) Karen Messing

Beyond Versus

The Struggle to Understand the Interaction of Nature and Nurture

by (author) James Tabery

The Science of Shakespeare

A New Look at the Playwright's Universe

by (author) Dan Falk

Science and the World

Philosophical Approaches

edited by Jeffrey Foss

Evolution in Four Dimensions, revised edition

Genetic, Epigenetic, Behavioral, and Symbolic Variation in the History of Life

by (author) Eva Jablonka & Marion J. Lamb
illustrated by Anna Zeligowski

The Cognitive Science of Science

Explanation, Discovery, and Conceptual Change

by (author) Paul Thagard

The Great Reversal

How We Let Technology Take Control of the Planet

by (author) David Tabachnick

Cooperation and Its Evolution

edited by Kim Sterelny, Richard Joyce, Brett Calcott & Ben Fraser

The Universe Within

From Quantum to Cosmos

by (author) Neil Turok

Synthetic Philosophy of Contemporary Mathematics

by (author) Fernando Zalamea
translated by Zachery Luke Fraser

Dr. Joe's Brain Sparks

179 Inspiring and Enlightening Inquiries into the Science of Everyday Life

by (author) Joe Schwarcz

The Anthropology of Extinction

Essays on Culture and Species Death

edited by Genese Marie Sodikoff
contributions by Peter Whiteley, Jill Constantino, Bernard C. Perley, Tracey Heatherington, Laurie R. Godfrey, Emilienne Rasoazanabary, Paul B. Garrett, Gregory Forth, Michael Hathaway & Janet Chernela

Science, She Loves Me

edited by Mary Moser

What Is Water?

The History of a Modern Abstraction

by (author) Jamie Linton

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