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Innate Terrain

Canadian Landscape Architecture

by (author) Alissa North

Consequences of Language

From Primary to Enhanced Intersubjectivity

by (author) N.J. Enfield & Jack Sidnell

Canada and Climate Change

by (author) William Leiss

Weather Permitting

Twenty-Five Years of Ice Storms, Hurricanes, Wildfires, and Extreme Climate Change in Canada

by (author) Chris St. Clair

Why Am I Taller?

What Happens to an Astronaut's Body in Space

by (author) Dave Williams & Elizabeth Howell

Worlds at Stake

Climate Politics, Ideology, and Justice

by (author) Aaron Saad

The Sacred Balance, 25th anniversary edition

Rediscovering Our Place in Nature

by (author) David Suzuki
foreword by Robin Wall Kimmerer
afterword by Bill McKibben


A History

by (author) Jacalyn Duffin

The Secret Network of Nature

Trees, Animals, and the Extraordinary Balance of All Living Things— Stories from Science and Observation

by (author) Peter Wohlleben
translated by Jane Billinghurst

Wired for Music

A Search for Health and Joy Through the Science of Sound

by (author) Adriana Barton

Quack Quack

The Threat of Pseudoscience

by (author) Joe Schwarcz

The Future Is Now

Solving the Climate Crisis with Today's Technologies

by (author) Bob McDonald

The Petroleum Papers

Inside the Far-Right Conspiracy to Cover Up Climate Change

by (author) Geoff Dembicki

2023 Night Sky Almanac

A Month-by-Month Guide to North America's Skies from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

by (author) Nicole Mortillaro

Extractive Industry and the Sustainability of Canada's Arctic Communities

edited by Chris Southcott, Frances Abele, Dave Natcher & Brenda Parlee

Toxic Immanence

Decolonizing Nuclear Legacies and Futures

edited by Livia Monnet
foreword by Magdalena E. Stawkowski


The Unlikely Revolutionary of Plate Tectonics

by (author) Nick Eyles


The Joy of the Quiet Hunt – An Illustrated Guide to the Fascinating, the Delicious, the Deadly and the Strange

by (author) Diane Borsato
illustrated by Kelsey Oseid

Dark Days at Noon

The Future of Fire

by (author) Edward Struzik

Musical Bodies, Musical Minds

Enactive Cognitive Science and the Meaning of Human Musicality

by (author) Dylan van der Schyff, Andrea Schiavio & David J. Elliott

Deep Diversity

A Compassionate, Scientific Approach to Achieving Racial Justice

by (author) Shakil Choudhury

Sustainability, Citizen Participation, and City Governance

Multidisciplinary Perspectives

edited by Hoi L. Kong & Tanya Monforte

After Suburbia

Urbanization in the Twenty-First Century

edited by Roger Keil & Fulong Wu

Side Effects

How Left-Brain Right-Brain Differences Shape Everyday Behaviour

by (author) Lorin J. Elias

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