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Where Did the Universe Come From? And Other Cosmic Questions

Our Universe, from the Quantum to the Cosmos

by (author) Chris Ferrie & Geraint Lewis

On the Origin of the Deadliest Pandemic in 100 Years

An Investigation

by (author) Elaine Dewar

The Resistance Dilemma

Place-Based Movements and the Climate Crisis

by (author) George Hoberg

Ontario's Old Growth Forests, 2nd edition

by (author) Michael Henry & Peter Quinby

The Joy of Sweat

The Strange Science of Perspiration

by (author) Sarah Everts

Leadership Moments from NASA

Achieving the Impossible

by (author) Dave Williams & Elizabeth Howell

Lyme Disease in Canada

The tick-borne epidemic you need to know about — now!

by (author) Brian Owens

Defending the Arctic Refuge

A Photographer, an Indigenous Nation, and a Fight for Environmental Justice

by (author) Finis Dunaway

Building Your Permaculture Property

A Five-Step Process to Design and Develop Land

by (author) Rob Avis, Takota Coen & Michelle Avis
foreword by Geoff Lawton

Octopuses, Squid and Cuttlefish

Seafood for Today and for the Future

by (author) Ole G. Mouritsen & Klavs Styrb

Finding the Mother Tree

Discovering the Wisdom of the Forest

by (author) Suzanne Simard

Understanding Climate Change through Religious Lifeworlds

edited by David L. Haberman
contributions by Cecilie Rubow, Guillermo Salas Carreño, C. Mathews Samson, Amanda Bertana, Georgina Drew, Karim-Aly S. Kassam, Karine Gagné, Mabel Gergan, Willis Jenkins & Karsten Paerregaard

Atlantic Canada Animal Tracks

by (author) Ian Sheldon & Tamara Hartson
illustrated by Gary Ross

Rocky Mountain Animal Tracks

by (author) Ian Sheldon
illustrated by Gary Ross & Horst Krause

Saskatchewan Animal Tracks

by (author) Ian Sheldon & Tamara Hartson

Friend Beloved

Marie Stopes, Gordon Hewitt, and an Ecology of Letters

edited by Laura Jean Cameron

Northern California Animal Tracks

by (author) Ian Sheldon
illustrated by Gary Ross & Horst Krause

Washington and Oregon Animal Tracks

by (author) Ian Sheldon
illustrated by Gary Ross & Horst Krause

The Working Mind

Meaning and Mental Attention in Human Development

by (author) Juan Pascual-Leone & Janice M. Johnson

The Better Half

On the Genetic Superiority of Women

by (author) Sharon Moalem

Navigating a Changing World

Canada's International Policies in an Age of Uncertainties

edited by Geoffrey Hale & Greg Anderson

Global Taiwanese

Asian Skilled Labour Migrants in a Changing World

by (author) Fiona Moore


Love, Solitude, and Searching for Wildfire in the Boreal Forest

by (author) Trina Moyles

Presentation Skills for Scientists and Engineers

The Slide Master

by (author) Jean-Philippe Dionne

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