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How Digital Environmentalism Can Combat Climate Change, Restore Biodiversity, Cultivate Empathy, and Regenerate the Earth

by (author) Karen Bakker


Botany, Motherhood, and the Fight to Save an Old Science

by (author) Erin Zimmerman

Settler Ecologies

The Enduring Nature of Settler Colonialism in Kenya

by (author) Charis Enns & Brock Bersaglio

Foraging as a Way of Life

A Year-Round Field Guide to Wild Plants

by (author) Mikaela Cannon
foreword by Nancy J. Turner

Sea Change

Charting a Sustainable Future for Oceans in Canada

edited by Ussif Rashid Sumaila, Derek Armitage, Megan Bailey & William Cheung

Intervention Earth

Life-Saving Ideas from the World's Climate Engineers

by (author) Gwynne Dyer

Medicine Wheel for the Planet

A Journey toward Personal and Ecological Healing

by (author) Jennifer Grenz

The Evolution of Techniques

Rigidity and Flexibility in Use, Transmission, and Innovation

edited by Mathieu Charbonneau

Ecology for the 99%

Twenty Capitalist Myths Debunked

by (author) Frédéric Legault, Arnaud Theurillat-Cloutier & Alain Savard
illustrated by Clément de Gaulejac
translated by Charles Simard

The Limits of Resilience

When to Persevere, When to Change, and When to Quit

by (author) Michael Ungar

The Blind Spot

Why Science Cannot Ignore Human Experience

by (author) Adam Frank, Marcelo Gleiser & Evan Thompson

Rivers in Rock

Elora Gorge Field Companion and Natural History

by (author) Kenneth Hewitt

Plough Quarterly No. 39 – The Riddle of Nature

edited by Peter Mommsen
by (author) William Thomas Okie, Angel Adams Parham, Joy Marie Clarkson, Erik Varden, Lore Ferguson Wilbert, Clare Coffey, Daniel J.D. Stulac, Greta Gaffin, Rhys Laverty, Casey Kleczek, Norann Voll, David McBride, Caroline Moore, Timothy J. Keiderling & Robert W. Crawford

Meaningful Pasts

Historical Narratives, Commemorative Landscapes, and Everyday Lives

by (author) Russell Johnston & Michael Ripmeester


Creating a Sustainable House Through Small Changes, Money-Saving Habits, and Natural Solutions (The Eco-Friendly Home)

by (author) Candice Batista

The Arctic Sky

Exploring the Inuit Universe

by (author) John MacDonald

42 Reasons to Hate the Universe

(And One Reason Not To)

by (author) Chris Ferrie, Wade David Fairclough & Byrne LaGinestra

Shrews and Moles of British Columbia

by (author) David W. Nagorsen & Nick Panter

Capturing Glaciers

A History of Repeat Photography and Global Warming

by (author) Dani Inkpen
series edited by Paul S. Sutter

Capturing Glaciers

A History of Repeat Photography and Global Warming

by (author) Dani Inkpen
series edited by Paul S. Sutter


The Disobedient Future of Birth

by (author) Claire Horn

The Calf with Two Heads

Transatlantic Natural History in the Canadas

by (author) Louisa Blair

Does Coffee Cause Cancer?

And 8 More Myths about the Food We Eat

by (author) Christopher Labos

Energizing Neoliberalism

The 1970s Energy Crisis and the Making of Modern America

by (author) Caleb Wellum

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