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In Search of A Better World

A Human Rights Odyssey

by (author) Payam Akhavan

Dominion of Race

Rethinking Canada’s International History

edited by Laura Madokoro, Francine McKenzie & David Meren

Canada's Department of External Affairs, Volume 3

Innovation and Adaptation, 1968-1984

by (author) John Hilliker, Mary Halloran & Greg Donaghy

Latin American Politics

An Introduction, Second Edition

by (author) David Close

Cuba–U.S. Relations

Obama and Beyond

by (author) Arnold August

Security Aid

Canada and the Development Regime of Security

by (author) Jeffrey Monaghan

On the Side of the Angels

Canada and the United Nations Commission on Human Rights

by (author) Andrew Thompson

NoNonsense ISIS and Syria

The new global war on terror

by (author) Phyllis Bennis

Fighting for Credibility

US Reputation and International Politics

by (author) Frank P. Harvey & John Mitton

The Global Refugee Crisis: How Should We Respond?

The Munk Debates

by (author) Louise Arbour, Simon Schama, Nigel Farage & Mark Steyn

Border Flows

A Century of the Canadian-American Water Relationship

contributions by Lynne Heasley, Daniel Macfarlane, Andrea Charron, Alice Cohen, Dave Dempsey, Jerry Dennis, Colin A.M. Duncan, Matthew Evenden, James W. Feldman, Noah D. Hall, Nancy Langston, Frederic Lasserre, Andrew Marcille, Jeremy Mouat, Emma S. Norman, Peter Starr, Joseph E. Taylor & Graeme Wynn

A Season in Hell

My 130 Days in the Sahara with Al Qaeda

by (author) Robert R. Fowler
read by David H. Lawrence

Managing Conflict in a World Adrift

edited by Chester A. Crocker, Fen Osler Hampson & Pamela Aall

The Return of History

Conflict, Migration, and Geopolitics in the Twenty-First Century

by (author) Jennifer Welsh

Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

A Very Short Introduction

by (author) Martin Bunton
read by Neil Shah

The Harper Era in Canadian Foreign Policy

Parliament, Politics, and Canada’s Global Posture

edited by Adam Chapnick & Christopher J. Kukucha

Beyond Afghanistan

An International Security Agenda for Canada

edited by James Fergusson & Francis Furtado

Canadian Universities in China's Transformation

An Untold Story

by (author) Ruth Hayhoe, Julia Pan & Qiang Zha

Female Suicide Bombings

A Critical Gender Approach

by (author) Tanya Narozhna & W. Andy Knight

Boundary Bargain

Growth, Development, and the Future of City-County Separation

by (author) Zachary Spicer

Canadian Universities in China’s Transformation

An Untold Story

edited by Ruth Hayhoe, Julia Pan & Qiang Zha

The Boundary Bargain

Growth, Development, and the Future of City-County Separation

by (author) Zachary Spicer

Freedom from Fear, Freedom from Want

An Introduction to Human Security

by (author) Robert J. Hanlon & Kenneth Christie

From Kinshasa to Kandahar

Canada and Fragile States in Historical Perspective

edited by Michael K. Carroll & Greg Donaghy
contributions by Stephanie M. Bangarth, Duane Bratt, Darren Brunk, Hevina S. Dashwood, Jean Daudelin, Tom Keating, Stephen Saideman, Julian Schofield, Kevin Spooner, Andrew Thompson & David Webster

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