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History Has Made Us Friends

Reassessing the Special Relationship between Canada and the United States

edited by Donald E. Abelson & Stephen Brooks


A Global History of Mass Confinement

by (author) Aidan Forth

The Afterworld

Long COVID and International Relations

edited by Frédéric Mérand & Jennifer Welsh
contributions by Anthony Amicelle, Valérie Amiraux, Vincent Arel-Bundock, Ari Van Assche, Daniel Béland, Karim Benyekhlef, Mark R. Brawley, Dominique Caouette, Allison Christians, Ryoa Chung, François Crépeau, Pierre-Marie David, Magdalena Dembińska, Peter Dietsch, Thomas Druetz, Pearl Eliadis, Philippe Fournier, François Furstenberg, Pablo Gilabert, Timothy Hodges, Maya Jegen, Juliet Johnson, Nicholas King, Erick Lachapelle, Justin Leroux, Pierre Martin, Sarah-Myriam Martin-Brûlé, María Martín de Almagro Iniesta, Erik Martinez Kuhonta, Theodore McLauchlin, Frédéric Mégret, Cynthia Milton, Laurence Monnais, Christian Novak, Mireille Paquet, T.V. Paul, Krzysztof Pelc, Pierre-Olivier Pineau, Vincent Pouliot, René Provost, Lee Seymour, Thomas Soehl, Maïka Sondarjee, Samuel Tanner, Jean-Philippe Thérien, Hamish van der Ven, Luna Vives, Marie-Joëlle Zahar & Alain Gagnon

Stalin's Failed Alliance

The Struggle for Collective Security, 1936-1939

by (author) Michael Jabara Carley

Canada's Long Fight Against Democracy

by (author) Yves Engler & Owen Schalk

Children, Childhoods, and Global Politics

contributions by Patrícia Nabuco Martuscelli, Caitlin Mollica, Ana Alonso Soriano, Dustin Johnson, Anna Holzscheiter, Laura Pantzerhielm, Jonathan Josefsson, Vanessa Bramwell, Alebachew Kemisso, Jennifer Riggan, Lesley Pruitt, Antje Missbach, Robyn Linde, Sean Carter, Tara Woodyer, Lindsay Robinson, Timea Spitka, Kristina Hook, Iuliia Hoban, Bennett Collins & Ali Watson
edited by J. Marshall Beier & Helen Berents

Intelligence Cooperation under Multipolarity

Non-American Perspectives

edited by Thomas Juneau, Justin Massie & Marco Munier

Canada Alone

Navigating the Post-American World

by (author) Kim Richard Nossal

Stalin's Gamble

The Search for Allies against Hitler, 1930-1936

by (author) Michael Jabara Carley

The Legacy of 9/11

Views from North America

edited by Andrea Charron, Alexander Moens & Stéphane Roussel

An Inside Look at External Affairs During the Trudeau Years

The Memoirs of Mark MacGuigan

by (author) Mark MacGuigan
edited by P. Whitney Lackenbauer
foreword by Paul C. Martin

North of America

Canadians and the American Century, 1945–60

edited by Asa McKercher & Michael D. Stevenson

European Union Governance and Policy-Making, Second Edition

A Canadian Perspective

edited by Amy Verdun, Achim Hurrelmann & Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly

Why Rivals Intervene

International Security and Civil Conflict

by (author) John Mitton

Continent in Crisis

The U.S. Civil War in North America

contributions by Brian Schoen, Jewel L. Spangler, Frank Towers, Alice Baumgartner, Beau D. Cleland, Susan-Mary Grant, Amy Greenberg, John Craig Hammond, John W. Quist & Andrew L. Slap

The Rise of the Infrastructure State

How US–China Rivalry Shapes Politics and Place Worldwide

contributions by Mustafa Kemal Bayırbağ, Alvin Camba, Jerik Cruz, Guanie Lim, Meredith DeBoom, Charis Enns, Brock Bersaglio, Masalu Luhula, Ferenc Gyuris, Zhengli Huang, Tom Goodfellow, Nicholas Jepson, Wangui Kimari, Gediminas Lesutis, Julie Michelle Klinger, Kuik Cheng Chwee, Jessica C. Liao, Jessica Neafie, Dinesh Paudel, Katharine Rankin, Steven Rolf, Marcelo Saguier, Dorothy Tang, Angela Tritto, Farzana Abdilashimova, Micah Ingalls, Maximiliano Vila Seoane, Ulan Shamshiev, Mary Silaban & Rune Steenberg
edited by Seth Schindler & Jessica DiCarlo

Multilateral Sanctions Revisited

Lessons Learned from Margaret Doxey

edited by Andrea Charron & Clara Portela
foreword by Louise Fréchette

Canada Must Think for Itself

10 theses for our country's survival & success in the 21st century

by (author) Irvin Studin

The Killer's Henchman

Capitalism and the Covid-19 Disaster

by (author) Stephen Gowans

Middle Power in the Middle East

Canada's Foreign and Defence Policies in a Changing Region

edited by Thomas Juneau & Bessma Momani

Canada and China

A Fifty-Year Journey

by (author) B. Michael Frolic

All is Well

Catastrophe and the Making of the Normal State

by (author) Saptarishi Bandopadhyay

Comment traiter les « soldats d’Hitler » ?

Les relations interalliées et la détention des prisonniers de guerre allemands (1939-1945)

by (author) Jean-Michel Turcotte

Harper's World

The Politicization of Canadian Foreign Policy, 2006-2015

edited by Peter McKenna

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