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Season In Hell

My 130 Days in the Sahara with Al Qaeda

by (author) Robert Fowler

Canada and the Changing Arctic

Sovereignty, Security, and Stewardship

by (author) Franklyn Griffiths, Rob Huebert & P. Whitney Lackenbauer

New Challenges for ASEAN

Emerging Policy Issues

edited by Richard Stubbs

“Here Is Hell”

Canada's Engagement in Somalia

by (author) Grant Dawson

Invisible and Inaudible in Washington

American Policies towards Canada during the Cold War

by (author) Edelgard Mahant & Graeme S. Mount

The Middle Power Project

Canada and the Founding of the United Nations

by (author) Adam Chapnick

Dependent America?

How Canada and Mexico Construct US Power

by (author) Stephen Clarkson & Matto Mildenberger

Does the 21st Century Belong to China?

The Munk Debate on China

by (author) Henry Kissinger, Niall Ferguson, Fareed Zakaria & David Li

Imaginary Line

Life on an Unfinished Border

by (author) Jacques Poitras

Against Orthodoxy

Studies in Nationalism

edited by Trevor W. Harrison & Slobodan Drakulic

Recounting Migration

Political Narratives of Congolese Young People in Uganda

by (author) Christina R. Clark-Kazak

Japan as a 'Normal Country'?

A Nation in Search of Its Place in the World

edited by Yoshihide Soeya, David A. Welch & Masayaki Tadokoro

Dialogues on Intergovernmental Relations in Federal Systems

by (author) Rupak Chattopadhyay & Karl Nerenberg

Is There Life Abroad After Afghanistan?

The Future of Canadian Expeditionary Operations

edited by Ann Griffiths

Long-Term Solutions for a Short-Term World

Canada and Research Development

edited by Ronald N. Harpelle & Bruce Muirhead

The China Challenge

Sino-Canadian Relations in the 21st Century

edited by Huhua Cao & Vivienne Poy

The China Challenge

Sino-Canadian Relations in the 21st Century

edited by Huhua Cao & Vivienne Poy

Orienting Canada

Race, Empire, and the Transpacific

by (author) John Price

The Canadian Navy and Domestic Maritime Enforcement

by (author) Laurence Hickey

Dialogues on Diversity and Unity in Federal Countries

by (author) Rupak Chattopadhyay & Abigail Ostien Karos


Hope for a Fragile State

edited by Yasmine Shamsie & Andrew S. Thompson

Locating Global Order

American Power and Canadian Security after 9/11

edited by Bruno Charbonneau & Wayne S. Cox

Globalizing Citizenship

by (author) Kim Rygiel

The Paradox of Democracy in Latin America

Ten Country Studies of Division and Resilience

by (author) Katherine Isbester

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