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The Opinionated Middle Ground

Consensus is Possible and Polarization is Curable

by (author) John Scott Cowan

Eroding a Way of Life

Neoliberalism and the Family Farm

by (author) Murray Knuttila

Protecting the Prairies

Lorne Scott and the Politics of Conservation

by (author) Andrea Olive

Sustainable Energy Transitions in Canada

edited by Mark Winfield, Stephen Hill & James Gaede

Truth Commissions and State Building

edited by Bonny Ibhawoh, Jasper Abembia Ayelazuno & Sylvia Bawa

From Red Terror to Terrorist State

Russia's Intelligence Services and Their Fight for World Domination from Felix Dzerzhinsky to Vladimir Putin

by (author) Yuri Felshtinsky & Vladimir Popov

Resisting Eviction

Domicide and the Financialization of Rental Housing

by (author) Andrew Crosby


The Making of a Disability Activist

by (author) Dustin Galer
foreword by Judy Rebick

Pandemic Panic

How Canadian Government Responses to Covid 19 Changed Civil Liberties Forever

by (author) Christine Van Geyn & Joanna Baron
foreword by Preston Manning

The Mantle of Struggle

A Biography of Black Revolutionary Rosie Douglas

by (author) Irving Andre
foreword by David Austin

The Seven Nations of Canada 1660-1860

Solidarity, Vision, and Independence in the St. Lawrence Valley

by (author) Jean-Pierre Sawaya
translated by Katherine Hastings
introduction by Patricia Culliford

On the Wings of War and Peace

The RCAF during the Early Cold War

edited by Randall Wakelam, William March & Peter Rayls

Plundering the North

A History of Settler Colonialism, Corporate Welfare, and Food Insecurity

by (author) Kristin Burnett & Travis Hay

The Edwin Fox

How an Ordinary Sailing Ship Connected the World in the Age of Globalization, 1850-1914

by (author) Boyd Cothran & Adrian Shubert

Between Doom & Denial

Facing Facts about Climate Change

by (author) Andrew Leach

Crisis and Contagion

Conversations on Capitalism and Covid-19

edited by Ian McKay

Murphy’s Logic

Insights from 45 Years in the News Business

by (author) Steve Murphy

Borders, Human Itineraries, and All Our Relation


by (author) Dele Adeyemo, Natalie Diaz, Nadia Yala Kisukidi & Rinaldo Walcott
series edited by Christina Sharpe

Social Democracy, Capitalism, and Competition

A Manifesto

by (author) Marcel Boyer

The Party's Over: The Case for a Canadian Rebellion

by (author) Darry Marengere & Dave Myatt

We, the Data

Human Rights in the Digital Age

by (author) Wendy H. Wong

Seeking Social Democracy

Seven Decades in the Fight for Equality

by (author) Edward Broadbent, Frances Abele, Jonathan Sas & Luke Savage

Guía De Comercio Justo

Para Construir Juntos Un Mundo Mejor

translated by Roxana Olivera & Álex Zisman
edited by Gavin Fridell, Zack Gross & Sean McHugh

Churchill and Africa

Empire, Decolonisation and Race

by (author) C. Brad Faught

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