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Blade Runner 2049: The Storyboards

by (author) Sam Hudecki

Global Perspectives on Amateur Film Histories and Cultures

edited by Masha Salazkina & Enrique Fibla

William Friedkin


edited by Christopher Lane

ReFocus: The Films of William Castle

edited by Murray Leeder

The Stillness of Solitude

Romanticism and Contemporary American Independent Film

by (author) Michelle Devereaux

Movies, Songs, and Electric Sound

Transatlantic Trends

by (author) Charles O’Brien

Cinema, If You Please

The Memory of Taste, the Taste of Memory

by (author) Murray Pomerance

It Doesn’t Suck


by (author) Adam Nayman

Director’s Cut

My Life in Film

by (author) Ted Kotcheff
with Josh Young
foreword by Mariska Hargitay

Krzysztof Kieslowski


edited by Renata Bernard & Steven Woodward

Do-It-Yourself Filmmaker

Life Lessons for Surviving Outside Hollywood

by (author) Paul Peditto & Boris Wexler

Independent Filmmaking Around the Globe

edited by Doris Baltruschat & Mary P. Erickson

Wild at Heart

The Films of Nettie Wild

by (author) Mark Harris & Claudia Medina

The Young, the Restless, and the Dead

Interviews with Canadian Filmmakers

edited by George Melnyk

loop, print, fade + flicker

the moving images of david rimmer

by (author) Mike Hoolboom & Alex MacKenzie

Practical Dreamers

Conversations with Movie Artists

edited by Mike Hoolboom

Cinema as History

Michel Brault and Modern Quebec

by (author) André Loiselle

Of This Place and Elsewhere

The Films and Photography of Peter Mettler

edited by Jerry White

The Artist as Monster

The Cinema of David Cronenberg

by (author) William Beard

Don Owen

Notes on a Filmmaker and His Culture

edited by Steve Gravestock

New Challenges for Documentary

2nd Ed

edited by Alan Rosenthal & John Corner

Cinema's Conversion to Sound

Technology and Film Style in France and the U.S.

by (author) Charles O’Brien

Pierre Perrault and the Poetic Documentary

edited by David Clandfield

The Conversations

Walter Murch and the Art of Editing Film

by (author) Michael Ondaatje

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