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Wayward Feeling

Audio-Visual Culture and Aesthetic Activism in Post-Rainbow South Africa

by (author) Helene Strauss

Autism in Film and Television

On the Island

edited by Murray Pomerance & R. Barton Palmer

The Feminist Film Guide

100 Great Films to See (That Also Pass the Bechdel Test)

by (author) Mallory Andrews

Giving the Devil His Due

Satan and Cinema

contributions by Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock, Regina M. Hansen, Simon Bacon, Katherine A. Fowkes, David Hauka, Russ Hunter, Barry C. Knowlton, Eloise R. Knowlton, Murray Leeder, Catherine O'Brien, R. Barton Palmer, Carl H. Sederholm, David Sterritt & J.P. Telotte

Extra Salty

Jennifer’s Body

by (author) Frederick Blichert

Killing John Wayne

The Making of the Conqueror

by (author) Ryan Uytdewilligen

Screen Captures

Film in the Age of Emergency

by (author) Stephen Lee Naish


Flânerie, spectacle et mémoire dans la Rome de Federico Fellini

by (author) Marina Vargau

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

by (author) Farshid Kazemi

The Cinema of Sara Gómez

Reframing Revolution

edited by Susan Lord & María Caridad Cumaná
contributions by Inés María Martiatu Terry, Lourdes Martínez-Echazábal, Odette Casamayor-Cisneros, Sergio Giral, Luis García Mesa, Devyn Spence Benson, Rigoberto López, Joshua Malitsky, Ana Serra, Iván Arocha Montes de Oca, Ricardo Acosta, Alan West-Durán & Sandra Abd’Allah-Alvarez Ramírez
with Víctor Fowler Calzada


The Modern Actor’s Handbook

by (author) David Rotenberg

Media Ventriloquism

How Audiovisual Technologies Transform the Voice-Body Relationship

by (author) Jaimie Baron, Jennifer Fleeger & Shannon Wong Lerner

Blade Runner 2049: The Storyboards

by (author) Sam Hudecki

Glorious Birds

A Celebratory Homage to Harold and Maude

by (author) Heidi Greco

Making Film in Egypt

How Labor, Technology, and Mediation Shape the Industry

by (author) Chihab El Khachab

Global Perspectives on Amateur Film Histories and Cultures

edited by Masha Salazkina & Enrique Fibla

Mine's Bigger Than Yours

The 100 Wackiest Action Movies

by (author) Christopher Lombardo & Jeff Kirschner


From Down in the Delta to the Birth of The Band and Beyond

by (author) Sandra B. Tooze

Cinema of Pain

On Quebec's Nostalgic Screen

edited by Liz Czach & André Loiselle

Behind the Horror

True Stories That Inspired Horror Movies

by (author) Lee Mellor

Practices of Projection

Histories and Technologies

edited by Gabriel Menotti & Virginia Crisp

William Friedkin


edited by Christopher Lane

ReFocus: The Films of William Castle

edited by Murray Leeder


Professional Wrestling in the Digital Age

edited by Dru Jeffries

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