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Winter Kept Us Warm

by (author) Chris Dupuis
foreword by John Greyson

Double Solitaire

The Films of Charles Brackett and Billy Wilder

by (author) Donald Brackett

The Art and Soul of Blade Runner 2049 - Revised and Expanded Edition

by (author) Tanya Lapointe


A History of Showbiz and the Culture Wars

read by Kliph Nesteroff

Cinema of the 70s

101 Iconic Movies

by (author) John Foote

What Television Remembers

Artifacts and Footprints of TV in Toronto

by (author) Jennifer VanderBurgh

Flight Risk

by (author) Meg Braem
director Samantha Macdonald
contributions by William John Pratt, David B. Hogan & Philip D. St. John

The Last Epistle of Tightrope Time

by (author) Walter Borden

Politically Animated

Non-fiction Animation from the Hispanic World

by (author) Jennifer Nagtegaal

Beyond Human

Decentring the Anthropocene in Spanish Ecocriticism

edited by Maryanne L. Leone & Shanna Lino


by (author) Ravi Jain & Miriam Fernandes


by (author) Stephens Gerard Malone

Francophone African Women Documentary Filmmakers

Beyond Representation

edited by Suzanne Crosta, Sada Niang & Alexie Tcheuyap
contributions by Florence Martin, Sheila Petty, Melissa Thackway, El Hadji Moustapha Diop, Felix Veilleux, Suzanne Gauch & Herve Tchumkam

African Cinema: Manifesto and Practice for Cultural Decolonization

Volume 1: Colonial Antecedents, Constituents, Theory, and Articulations

contributions by Michael T. Martin, Roy Armes, James E. Genova, Femi Okiremuete Shaka, James Burns, Tom Rice, Odile Goerg, Med Hondo, Haile Gerima, Sada Niang, Monique Mbeka Phoba, Clyde R. Taylor, Férid Boughedir, Alexie Tcheuyap, Esiaba Irobi, Stephen A. Zacks, Teshome H. Gabriel, David Murphy, Jude Akudinobi, Maureen N. Eke, Paulin Soumanou Vieyra, Boukary Sawadogo, Olivier Barlet, Samba Gadjigo & Beti Ellerson
edited by Gaston Jean-Marie Kaboré
with Joseph E. Roskos

Anders als die Andern

by (author) Ervin Malakaj

Welcome to the Parade

by (author) Stuart Clarfield

Performing Female Blackness

by (author) Naila Keleta-Mae


How Words Shape Our World

by (author) J. Edward Chamberlin

Salomania and the Representation of Race and Gender in Modern Erotic Dance

by (author) Cecily Devereux

À tout prendre et Il était une fois dans l’Est

by (author) Julie Vaillancourt

À tout prendre et Il était une fois dans l'Est

by (author) Julie Vaillancourt

Cantata & The Extinction Therapist

Two Plays by Clem Martini

by (author) Clem Martini
foreword by Naheed K. Nenshi & Christine Brubaker
photographs by Cliff Kirchhoff

Indigenous Media Arts in Canada

Making, Caring, Sharing

edited by Dana Claxton & Ezra Winton

Establishing Shots

An Oral History of the Winnipeg Film Group

by (author) Kevin Nikkel

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