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Browse Books in Translating & Interpreting

The Lantern and the Night Moths

Five Modern and Contemporary Chinese Poets in Translation

edited and translated by Yilin Wang

Finnegans Wakes

Tales of Translation

by (author) Patrick O'Neill

Negotiating Linguistic Plurality

Translation and Multilingualism in Canada and Beyond

edited by María Constanza Guzmán & Şehnaz Tahir Gürçağlar

Inuinnaqtun English Dictionary

edited by Gwen Angulalik

Complete Works of Oliverio Girondo, The

Volume I

translated by Hugh Hazelton
by (author) Oliverio Girondo

Obras completas / Complete Works

translated by Hugh Hazelton
by (author) Oliverio Girondo

Writing between the Lines

Portraits of Canadian Anglophone Translators

edited by Agnes Whitfield

The Fate of Bonté III

by (author) Alain Poissant
translated by Rob Twiss

Jouer la traduction

Théâtre et hétérolinguisme au Canada francophone

by (author) Nicole Nolette

De l’autre côté du Jourdain

by (author) Margaret Laurence
translated by Caroline Lavoie

Transforming Kafka

Translation Effects

by (author) Patrick O'Neill

Translation Effects

The Shaping of Modern Canadian Culture

edited by Kathy Mezei, Sherry Simon & Luise von Flotow


Word Sonnets - Sonnets d'un mot

by (author) Seymour Mayne
translated by Sabine Huynh

Will not forget both laughter and tears

illustrated by Tomoko Mitani
introduction by Yukari F. Meldrum

La traduction raisonnée, 3e édition

Manuel d’initiation à la traduction professionnelle de l’anglais vers le français

by (author) Jean Delisle & Marco A. Fiola

Yoko Tawada's Portrait of a Tongue

An Experimental Translation by Chantal Wright

by (author) Yoko Tawada
translated with commentary by Chantal Wright

Le Québec traduit en Espagne

Analyse sociologique de l’exportation d’une culture périphérique

by (author) María Sierra Córdoba Serrano

They Divided the Sky

A Novel by Christa Wolf

by (author) Christa Wolf
translated by Luise von Flotow

The Hermes Complex

Philosophical Reflections on Translation

by (author) Charles Le Blanc
translated by Barbara Folkart

The Hermes Complex

Philosophical Reflections on Translation

by (author) Charles Le Blanc
translated by Barbara Folkart

Theogony / Works and Days

translated by C.S. Morrissey
by (author) Hesiod

Dramatic Licence

Translating Theatre from One Official Language to the Other in Canada

by (author) Louise Ladouceur
translated by Richard Lebeau

Worlding Sei Shônagon

The Pillow Book in Translation

by (author) Valerie Henitiuk

Borrowed Tongues

Life Writing, Migration, and Translation

by (author) Eva C. Karpinski

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