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Dictionary of Fine Distinctions

Nuances, Niceties, and Subtle Shades of Meaning

by (author) Eli Burnstein

The Lantern and the Night Moths

Five Modern and Contemporary Chinese Poets in Translation

edited and translated by Yilin Wang

Manuel de rédaction à l'usage des militaires, nouvelle édition

by (author) Eric Ouellet, Adam Chapnick & Craig Stone

The Broadview Guide to Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation

The Mechanics of Good Writing

by (author) Corey Frost, Karen Weingarten, Doug Babington, Don LePan & Maureen Okun

Toward an Anti-Racist Poetics

by (author) Wayde Compton

Phonology in Multilingual Grammars

Representational Complexity and Linguistic Interfaces

by (author) John Archibald

Last But Not Least

A Guide to Proofreading Text

by (author) Leslie Vermeer

Off the Record

edited by John Metcalf
contributions by Caroline Adderson, Kristyn Dunnion, Cynthia Flood, Shaena Lambert, Elise Levine & Kathy Page

Insécurité linguistique dans la francophonie

by (author) Annette Boudreau

Comics and Cognition

Toward a Multimodal Cognitive Poetics

by (author) Mike Borkent

Manipulating the Message

How Powerful Forces Shape the News

by (author) Cecil Rosner

Hide and Seek

In Pursuit of Justice

by (author) Ben Carniol
introduction by Rebecca Clifford

Write, Print, Fold and Staple

On Poetry and Micropress in Canada

by (author) Jim Johnstone

My Life in Propaganda

Language and Totalitarian Regimes

by (author) Magda Stroinska

Inuit Languages and Dialects

Inuit Uqausiqatigiit

by (author) Louis-Jacques Dorais

Kangiryuarmiut Inuinnaqtun

Uqauhiitaa Numiktitirutait Dictionary

by (author) Emily Kudlak & Richard Compton

Canada in Afghanistan

A story of military, diplomatic, political and media failure 2003-2023

by (author) Owen Schalk


A Very Brief Guide to Reading and Writing in University

by (author) Joel Heng Hartse


New Material Rhetorics for Precarious Species

by (author) Jennifer Clary-Lemon


A Very Brief Guide to Reading and Writing in University

by (author) Joel Heng Hartse

How to Read Like You Mean It

by (author) Kyle Conway

Future Horizons

Canadian Digital Humanities

series edited by Dean Irvine
contributions by Kiera Obbard, Sandra Djwa, Roopika Risam, Andrea Zeffiro, Deanna Fong, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Gregory Betts, Eric Schmaltz, Dani Spinosa, Klara du Plessis, David Gaertner, Mark V. Campbell, Jon Saklofske, Julia Polyck-O’Neill, Kim Martin, Rashmeet Kaur, Pascale Dangoisse, Constance Crompton, Michelle Schwartz, Katherine McLeod, Graham H. Jensen, Allan Cho, Sarah Zhang, Kendra Cowley, Susan Brown & Asen Ivanov
edited by Sarah Roger & Paul Barrett

Lire la communication-monde au XXIe siècle

by (author) Bertrand Cabedoche
contributions by Jean-Chrétien Ekambo & Peter Dahlgren

Regression Modeling for Linguistic Data

by (author) Morgan Sonderegger

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