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How to Read (and Write About) Poetry - Second Edition

by (author) Susan Holbrook

Mass Capture

Chinese Head Tax and the Making of Non-citizens

by (author) Lily Cho

Modular Design of Grammar

edited by I. Wayan Arka, Ash Asudeh & Tracy Holloway King

Polynesian Syntax and its Interfaces

edited by Lauren Clemens & Diane Massam

Language in Development

A Crosslinguistic Perspective

edited by Gita Martohardjono & Suzanne Flynn

Joining the Dialogue: Practices for Ethical Research Writing

by (author) Bettina Stumm

A Tsilhqút’ín Grammar

by (author) Eung-Do Cook

Diachrony of Differential Object Marking in Romanian

by (author) Virginia Hill & Alexandru Mardale

Parameters of Predicate Fronting

edited by Vera Lee-Schoenfeld & Dennis Ott

Academic Writing: An Introduction - Fourth Edition

by (author) Janet Giltrow, Richard Gooding & Daniel Burgoyne


Richard Van Camp on the Joy of Storytelling

by (author) Richard Van Camp

Inuinnaqtun English Dictionary

edited by Gwen Angulalik

mitoni niya nêhiyaw / Cree is Who I Truly Am

nêhiyaw-iskwêw mitoni niya / Me, I am Truly a Cree Woman

as told by Sarah Whitecalf
edited and translated by H.C. Wolfart & Freda Ahenakew
preface by Ted Whitecalf

Writing Essays About Literature: A Brief Guide for University and College Students - Second Edition

by (author) Katherine O. Acheson

Yasodhara and the Buddha

by (author) Vanessa R. Sasson


Selected works Ghassan Bishouty b. 1941 Safad, Palestine — d. 2004 Amman, Jordan

by (artist) Nour Bishouty
edited by Jacob Korczynski

A Concise Guide to Technical Communication

by (author) Heather Graves & Roger Graves

Linguistic Meaning Meets Linguistic Form

by (author) Patrick Duffley

Contrast and Representations in Syntax

edited by Bronwyn M. Bjorkman & Daniel Currie Hall

A Bite of the Apple

A Life with Books, Writers and Virago

by (author) Lennie Goodings

Enriched Meanings

Natural Language Semantics with Category Theory

by (author) Ash Asudeh & Gianluca Giorgolo

Words of the Inuit

A Semantic Stroll through a Northern Culture

by (author) Louis-Jacques Dorais
preface by Lisa Koperqualuk

Language Invention in Linguistics Pedagogy

edited by Jeffrey Punske, Nathan Sanders & Amy V. Fountain

Making Open Development Inclusive

Lessons from IDRC Research

edited by Matthew L. Smith & Ruhiya Kristine Seward
foreword by Robin Mansell

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