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Quaker Women, 1800-1920

Studies of a Changing Landscape

edited by Robynne Rogers Healey & Carole Dale Spencer

The North Star

Canada and the Civil War Plots Against Lincoln

by (author) Julian Sher


From Enlightenment Philosophy to Canadian History

by (author) E.A. Heaman

The Donnellys: Massacre, Trial and Aftermath, 1880–1916


by (author) John Little

The Donnellys: Powder Keg, 1840–1880


by (author) John Little

Woman on a Mission: Katherine Bell Fraser in Armenia, 1892–1911

From Christian Missionary to Refugee Advocate

by (author) Andria Hill-Lehr

The Sword of Luchana

Baldomero Espartero and the Making of Modern Spain, 1793-1879

by (author) Adrian Shubert

Winged Bull

The Extraordinary Life of Henry Layard, the Adventurer Who Discovered the Lost City of Nineveh

by (author) Jeff Pearce

Quakerism in the Atlantic World, 1690-1830

edited by Robynne Rogers Healey

The Contamination of the Earth

A History of Pollutions in the Industrial Age

by (author) Francois Jarrige & Thomas Le Roux
translated by Janice Egan & Michael Egan

Canada and the British Army 1846-1871

by (author) C.P. Stacey

Ecological Form

System and Aesthetics in the Age of Empire

contributions by Nathan K. Hensley, Philip Steer, Lynn Voskuil, Jesse Oak Taylor, Teresa Shewry, Aaron Rosenberg, Benjamin Morgan, Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, Deanna K. Kreisel, Adam Grener, Sukanya Banerjee & Monique Allewaert
afterword by Karen Pinkus

Art for Animals

Visual Culture and Animal Advocacy, 1870–1914

by (author) J. Keri Cronin

Mark Bate

Nanaimo's First Mayor

by (author) Jan Peterson

Building Better Britains?

Settler Societies in the British World, 1783-1920

by (author) Cecilia Morgan

The CITADEL on Stage

British Military Theatre, Sports, and Recreation in Colonial Halifax

by (author) Alex Boutilier
edited by Joel Zemel
editor-in-chief Francis Mitchell
volume editor A.D. Boutilier

Chief Joseph

Trail of Glory & Sorrow

by (author) Ted Meyers

The Seven Oaks Reader

by (author) Myrna Kostash

The Regenerators, 2nd Edition

Social Criticism in Late Victorian English Canada

by (author) Ramsay Cook
introduction by Donald Wright

Seven Oaks Reader, The

by (author) Myrna Kostash

Germany's Second Reich

Portraits and Pathways

by (author) James Retallack

Germany's Second Reich

Portraits and Pathways

by (author) James Retallack

Darn Good Dandies

The Sobieski Stuart Brothers (An historical enigma uncovered)

by (author) Nadine Mackenzie

Opium and Empire

The Lives and Careers of William Jardine and James Matheson

by (author) Richard J. Grace

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