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One Long Line of Marvel

200 Years of Montreal's St. Patrick's Parade

by (author) Alan Hustak

The Roosting Box

Rebuilding the Body after the First World War

by (author) Kristen den Hartog

Conversations With a Dead Man

Indigenous Rights and the Legacy of Duncan Campbell Scott

by (author) Mark Abley


Is Canada Ready for AI?

by (author) The Logic

Lost in the Crowd

Acadian Soldiers of Canada's First World War

by (author) Gregory M.W. Kennedy

A Thirst for Wine and War

The Intoxication of French Soldiers on the Western Front

by (author) Adam D. Zientek

Rogers v. Rogers

The Battle for Control of Canada's Telecom Empire

by (author) Alexandra Posadzki

Big Mall

Shopping for Meaning

by (author) Kate Black

Atrocity on the Atlantic

Attack on a Hospital Ship During the Great War

by (author) Nate Hendley

Tours Inside the Snow Globe

Ottawa Monuments and National Belonging

by (author) Tonya K. Davidson

The Avro Arrow

For the Record

by (author) Palmiro Campagna
foreword by Christopher Waddell

Marguerite Yourcenar's Hadrian

Writing the Life of a Roman Emperor

by (author) Keith Bradley

Part of Life Itself

The War Diary of Lieutenant Leslie Howard Miller, CEF

by (author) Leslie Miller
with Graham Broad

Once the Smudge is Lit

by (author) Kelsey Borgford & Cole Forrest
illustrated by Tessa Pizzale

Challenge to Civilization

Indigenous Wisdom and the Future

by (author) Blair A. Stonechild

My Fighting Family

Borders and Bloodlines and the Battles That Made Us

by (author) Morgan Campbell

After the Flames

A Burn Victim's Battle With Celebrity

by (author) Jonathan R. Rose

Before Canada

Northern North America in a Connected World

edited by Allan Greer

The Unknown Great

Stories of Japanese Americans at the Margins of History

by (author) Greg Robinson
with Jonathan Harmelen

Remembering Our Relations

Dënesųłıné Oral Histories of Wood Buffalo National Park

by (author) Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation
with Sabina Trimble & Peter Fortna

Labrador, A Reader's Guide

by (author) Robin McGrath

Localism in Hellenistic Greece

edited by Sheila Ager & Hans Beck

Ephemia Rimaldi

Circus Performer Extraordinaire

by (author) Linda DeMeulemeester

A Woman's Right to Know

Pregnancy Testing in Twentieth-Century Britain

by (author) Jesse Olszynko-Gryn

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