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Mobility, Elites and Education in French Society of the Second Empire

by (author) Patrick J. Harrigan

The British Diplomatic Service


by (author) Raymond Jones

Lady Franklins Revenge

by (author) Ken McGoogan

The Klondike Quest

A Photographic Essay 1897-1899

by (author) Pierre Berton

Road to Canada

The Grand Communications Route from Saint John to Quebec

by (author) W.E. (Gary) Campbell

The Communist Manifesto

by (author) Friedrich Engels & Karl Marx
translated by L.M. Findlay

Criminals, Idiots, Women, & Minors - Second Edition

Victorian Writing By Women On Women

edited by Susan Hamilton

Mounties March West, The

The Epic Trek and Early Adventures of the Mounted Police

by (author) Tony Hollihan

The Broadview Anthology of Victorian Short Stories

edited by Dennis Denisoff

Gabriel Dumont

War Leader of the Métis

by (author) Tim Chodan & Dan Asfar

Crazy Horse

Warrior Spirit of the Sioux

by (author) Tony Hollihan
edited by Faye Boer

Louis Riel

by (author) Dan Asfar & Tim Chodan
edited by Faye Boer

Marching as to War

Canada's Turbulent Years

by (author) Pierre Berton

The Promised Land

Settling the West 1896-1914

by (author) Pierre Berton

Gold Rushes

by (author) Tony Hollihan
illustrated by Arlana Anderson-Hale
edited by Faye Boer

Kootenai Brown

by (author) Tony Hollihan

The Woman and the Hour

Harriet Martineau and Victorian Ideologies

by (author) Caroline Roberts

American West, The

People, Place and Ideas

by (author) Suzan Campbell


The Last Great Gold Rush, 1896-1899

by (author) Pierre Berton

The Invasion of Canada


by (author) Pierre Berton

Lost Land of Moses

The Age of Discovery on New Brunswick's Salmon Rivers

by (author) Peter Thomas

Canadian Working Class History

Selected Readings

edited by Laurel Sefton MacDowell & Ian Walter Radforth

Gentlemen Engineers

The Careers of Frank and Walter Shanly

by (author) Richard White

The Inglorious Arts of Peace

Exhibitions in Canadian Society during the Nineteenth Century

by (author) Elsbeth Heaman

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