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Magnificent Fight

The 1919 Winnipeg General Strike

by (author) Dennis Lewycky

Canada's Odyssey

A Country Based on Incomplete Conquests

by (author) Peter H. Russell

Not Quite Us

Anti-Catholic Thought in English Canada since 1900

by (author) Kevin P. Anderson

The Empire on the Western Front

The British 62nd and Canadian 4th Divisions in Battle

by (author) Geoffrey Jackson

Fighting with the Empire

Canada, Britain, and Global Conflict, 1867–1947

edited by Steve Marti & William John Pratt

L'Église et la politique québécoise, de Taschereau à Duplessis

by (author) Alexandre Dumas

L' Église et la politique québécoise, de Taschereau à Duplessis

by (author) Alexandre Dumas

A Family of Brothers

Soldiers of the 26th New Brunswick Battalion in the Great War

by (author) Brent Wilson


by (author) Terry Reksten

Communal Solidarity

Immigration, Settlement, and Social Welfare in Winnipeg’s Jewish Community, 1882–1930

by (author) Arthur Ross

One Hundred Years of Struggle

The History of Women and the Vote in Canada

by (author) Joan Sangster

The Co-op Revolution

Vancouver's Search for Food Alternatives

by (author) Jan DeGrass

Two Firsts

Bertha Wilson and Claire L’Heureux-Dubé at the Supreme Court of Canada

by (author) Constance Backhouse

George Garrett

Intrepid Reporter

by (author) George Garrett

Being Chinese in Canada

The Struggle for Identity, Redress and Belonging

by (author) William Ging Wee Dere

Canada and Imperialism 1896-1899

edited by Norman Penlington

Principal Infectious Diseases of Childhood, 2nd Edition

by (author) Nelles Silverthorne, C.S. Anglin & M. Shusterman

Genre, patrimoine et droit civil

Les femmes mariées de la bourgeoisie québécoise en procès, 1900-1930

by (author) Thierry Nootens

Resisting Rights

Canada and the International Bill of Rights, 1947–76

by (author) Jennifer Tunnicliffe

Assembling Unity

Indigenous Politics, Gender, and the Union of BC Indian Chiefs

by (author) Sarah A. Nickel

The Grenfell Medical Mission and American Support in Newfoundland and Labrador, 1890s-1940s

edited by Jennifer J. Connor & Katherine Side

In Their Own Words

Three Maritimers Experience the Great War

edited by Ross Hebb

Sailor Bill and Mary

Tales of the Sea

by (author) Jacob Eric Stathers

Sailor Bill & Mary

Tales of the Sea

by (author) Jacob Eric Stathers

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