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Around the World in a Dugout Canoe

The Untold Story of Captain John Voss and the Tilikum

by (author) John M. MacFarlane & Lynn J. Salmon

The Man with the Black Valise

Tracking the Killer of Jessie Keith

by (author) John Goddard

Distorted Descent

White Claims to Indigenous Identity

by (author) Darryl Leroux

Lost Harvests

Prairie Indian Reserve Farmers and Government Policy, Second Edition

by (author) Sarah Carter

Surveying the 120th Meridian and the Great Divide

The Alberta/BC Boundary Survey, 1918-1924

by (author) Jay Sherwood

Invisible Generations

Living between Indigenous and White in the Fraser Valley

by (author) Jean Barman

The Mystery Ships of Nova Scotia in the First World War

Q-Ships vs U-Boats in 1917

by (author) John Grant

As British as the King

Lunenburg County During the First World War

by (author) Gerald Hallowell

The Missing Millionaire

The True Story of Ambrose Small and the City Obsessed With Finding Him

by (author) Katie Daubs

A Diminished Roar

Winnipeg in the 1920s

by (author) Jim Blanchard

Canada on the United Nations Security Council

A Small Power on a Large Stage

by (author) Adam Chapnick

Moments of Crisis

Religion and National Identity in Québec

by (author) Ian A. Morrison

Seeing Red

A History of Natives in Canadian Newspapers

by (author) Mark Cronlund Anderson & Carmen L. Robertson

Indigenous Women, Work, and History


by (author) Mary Jane Logan McCallum

Night Spirits

The Story of the Relocation of the Sayisi Dene

by (author) Ila Bussidor & Üstün Bilgen-Reinart

A National Crime

The Canadian Government and the Residential School System

by (author) John S. Milloy
foreword by Mary Jane Logan McCallum


The Remarkable, Untold Story of Frederick Walker “Casey” Baldwin: Gentleman, Genius, and Alexander Graham Bell’s Canadian Protegé

by (author) John G. Langley

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The Revitalization of the Democratic State

edited by David McGrane, John Whyte, Roy Romanow & Russell Isinger


The Remarkable, Untold Story of Frederick Walker "Casey" Baldwin: Gentleman, Genius, and Alexander Graham Bell's Protégé

by (author) John Langley
foreword by Sean Baldwin

La Constitution canadienne

by (author) Yan Campagnolo & Adam Dodek

Unmooring the Komagata Maru

Charting Colonial Trajectories

edited by Rita Dhamoon, Davina Bhandar, Renisa Mawani & Satwinder Kaur Bains

Westray (French Edition)

by (author) Vernon Theriault

Ranch Tales

Stories from the Frontier

by (author) Ken Mather
illustrated by Rob Dinwoodie

By Snowshoe, Buckboard and Steamer

Women of the British Columbia Frontier

by (author) Kathryn Bridge

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