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Travels with Stanley

by (author) Keepers of the Cup

Toronto Maple Leafs (JR)

Stories of Canada's Legendary Team

by (author) Jim Barber

The Halifax Explosion (JR)

Surviving the Blast That Shook A Nation

by (author) Joyce Glasner

The War of 1812 Against the States (JR)

Heroes of a Great Canadian Victory

by (author) Jennifer Crump

Early Voyageurs (JR)

The Incredible Adventures of the Fearless Fur Traders

by (author) Marie Savage

The Incredible Adventures of Louis Riel (JR)

Canada's Most Famous Revelutionary

by (author) Cat Klerks

Women Explorers (JR)

100 Years of Mountain Adventure

by (author) Helen Rolfe

The Dreadful Truth: Canadian Crime

by (author) Ted Staunton
illustrated by Remie Geoffroi

Mapping the Wilderness

The Story of David Thompson

by (author) Tom Shardlow

Sailing for Glory

The Story of Captain Angus Walters and the Bluenose

by (author) Teri-Lynn Janveau & Allister Thompson


by (author) Raidal Bas & Colleen Shannahan

Loonies and Toonies

A Canadian Number Book

by (author) Michael Ulmer
illustrated by Melanie Rose

The Battles of the War of 1812

Adventures in Canadian History

by (author) Pierre Berton
foreword by Charlotte Gray

S is for Spirit Bear

A British Columbia Alphabet

by (author) G. Gregory Roberts
illustrated by Bob Doucet

P is for Puffin

A Newfoundland and Labrador Alphabet

by (author) Janet Skirving
illustrated by Odell Archibald

Exploring the Frozen North

Pierre Berton's History for Young Canadians

by (author) Pierre Berton
foreword by Eric Wilson

Kids Book of Great Canadian Women, The

by (author) Elizabeth MacLeod
illustrated by John Mantha

Roberta Bondar (JR)

The Exceptional Achievements of Canada's First Woman Astronaut

by (author) Joan Dixon

The Mounties (JR)

Tales of Adventure and Danger From the Early Days

by (author) Elle Andra-Warner

Pierre Elliot Trudeau (JR)

The Prime Minister That Canadians Either Loved or Hated

by (author) Stan Sauerwein

Extreme Canadian Weather (JR)

Freakish Storms and Sudden Disasters

by (author) Joan Dixon

The Avro Arrow Story (JR)

The Impossible Dream

by (author) B.I.L.L. ZUK

Hudson's Bay Company Adventures (JR)

Tales of Canada's Early Fur Traders

by (author) Elle Andra-Warner

The Dreadful Truth: Building the Railway

by (author) Ted Staunton
illustrated by Brian Goff

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