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What Do We Know About the Nazca Lines?

by (author) Ben Hubbard & Who HQ
illustrated by Dede Putra

Earth's Incredible Places: Grand Canyon

by (author) Susan Lamb
illustrated by Sean Lewis

The Possible Lives of W.H., Sailor

by (author) Bushra Junaid


The Long History of Human Barriers and Why We Build Them

by (author) Gregor Craigie
illustrated by Arden Taylor

Discovering and Understanding The Métis

Discovering and understanding

by (author) Michel Noël & Sylvie Roberge
illustrated by Célia Nilès

The Lost Drop

A Picture Book

by (author) Grégoire Laforce
illustrated by Benjamin Flouw

Into the Wind

A Novel of Acadian Resilience

by (author) A.J.B. Johnston

Dare to Question

Carrie Chapman Catt's Voice for the Vote

by (author) Jasmine A. Stirling
illustrated by Udayana Lugo

Mission: Arctic

A Scientifc Adventure to a Changing North Pole

by (author) Katharina Weiss-Tuider
illustrated by Christian Schneider

Haunted Canada 12

More Frightening True Tales

by (author) Joel A. Sutherland

She's a Mensch!

Ten Amazing Jewish Women

by (author) Anne Dublin

Kimiko Murakami

A Japanese-Canadian Pioneer

by (author) Haley Healey
illustrated by Kimiko Fraser

Lilian Bland

An Amazing Aviatrix

by (author) Haley Healey
illustrated by Kimiko Fraser

The Secret Pocket

by (author) Peggy Janicki
illustrated by Carrielynn Victor

Harboring Hope

The True Story of How Henny Sinding Helped Denmark's Jews Escape the Nazis

by (author) Susan Hood

Alias Anna

A True Story of Outwitting the Nazis

by (author) Susan Hood & Greg Dawson

When Planet Earth Was New

A Short History of Our Planet’s Long Journey

by (author) James Gladstone
illustrated by Katherine Diemert

Little Detectives: Dinosaurs

A Look-and-Find Book. With lots of fascinating dino facts!

text by Carine Laforest
illustrated by Karina Dupuis

100 Things You Don’t Know About Atlantic Canada (For Kids)

by (author) Sal Sawler

100 Things You Don't Know About Atlantic Canada (For Kids)

New & Updated Edition

by (author) Sal Sawler

Stars of the Night

The Courageous Children of the Czech Kindertransport

by (author) Caren Stelson
illustrated by Selina Alko

Brothers in Arms

A True World War II Story of Wojtek the Bear and the Soldiers Who Loved Him

by (author) Susan Hood
illustrated by Jamie Green

One Tiny Bubble

The Story of Our Last Universal Common Ancestor

by (author) Karen Krossing
illustrated by Dawn Lo

Biographie en images : Voici J. Armand Bombardier

by (author) Elizabeth MacLeod
illustrated by Mike Deas

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