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Acute Care of At-Risk Newborns

A Resource and Learning Tool for Health Care Professionals

edited by Jill E. Boulton, Kevin Coughlin, Debra O'Flaherty & Alfonso Solimano

On Life, Death, and Languages

An Arabic Critical Edition and English Translation of Epistles 29-31

by (author) Eric Ormsby

The Ethics of Architecture

by (author) Mark Kingwell

Metaphysical Emergence

by (author) Jessica M. Wilson

Classiques de la litterature universelle

Manuel de l'etudiant

by (author) Annik-Corona Ouellette

Takin' Care of Business

A History of Working People's Rock 'n' Roll

by (author) George Case

Conserving the Oceans

The Politics of Large Marine Protected Areas

by (author) Justin Alger

Innovation in Real Places

Strategies for Prosperity in an Unforgiving World

by (author) Dan Breznitz

Transforming Ethnomusicology Volume II

Political, Social and Ecological Issues

edited by Beverley Diamond & Salwa El-Shawan Castelo-Branco

Rules for Wrongdoers

Law, Morality, War

by (author) Arthur Ripstein

Multisystemic Resilience

Adaptation and Transformation in Contexts of Change

edited by Michael Ungar

Pain Psychology for Clinicians

A Practical Guide for the Non-Psychologist Managing Patients with Chronic Pain

by (author) Leanne R. Cianfrini, Elizabeth J. Richardson & Daniel Doleys

Philip Roth

A Counterlife

by (author) Ira Nadel

Grand Transitions

How the Modern World Was Made

by (author) Vaclav Smil

Beyond Chance and Credence

A Theory of Hybrid Probabilities

by (author) Wayne C. Myrvold

Real-Life Sociology

A Canadian Approach

by (author) Anabel Quan-Haase & Lorne Tepperman

The Dual Penal State

The Crisis of Criminal Law in Comparative-Historical Perspective

by (author) Markus D. Dubber

Canadians and Their Natural Environment

A History

by (author) James Murton

Audible Infrastructures

Music, Sound, Media

edited by Kyle Devine & Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier

The Oxford Handbook of Music and Advertising

edited by James Deaville, Siu-Lan Tan & Ron Rodman

Active Learning in General Chemistry

Specific Interventions

edited by Mark Blaser, Ted Clark, Liana Lamont & Jaclyn J. Stewart

The Oxford Handbook of Music and the Brain

edited by Michael Thaut & Donald Hodges

Reconsidering Causal Powers

Historical and Conceptual Perspectives

edited by Henrik Lagerlund, Benjamin Hill & Stathis Psillos

Research Methods in the Social Sciences

An A-Z of key concepts

edited by Jean-Frederic Morin, Christian Olsson & Ece Ozlem Atikcan

The Art and Science of Compassion, A Primer

Reflections of a Physician-Chaplain

by (author) Agnes M.F. Wong

A Line of Blood and Dirt

Creating the Canada-United States Border across Indigenous Lands

by (author) Benjamin Hoy

The Humanitarian Civilian

How the Idea of Distinction Circulates Within and Beyond International Humanitarian Law

by (author) Rebecca Sutton

Business Lobbying in the European Union

by (author) David Coen, Alexander Katsaitis & Matia Vannoni

Fueling Resistance

The Contentious Political Economy of Biofuels and Fracking

by (author) Kate J. Neville

The Oxford Handbook of International Business Strategy

edited by Kamel Mellahi, Klaus Meyer, Rajneesh Narula, Irina Surdu & Alain Verbeke

Kant's Justification of Ethics

by (author) Owen Ware

Lethal Autonomous Weapons

Re-Examining the Law and Ethics of Robotic Warfare

edited by Jai Galliott, Duncan MacIntosh & Jens David Ohlin

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