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Oxford University Press

Books from this publisher

Recasting Hume and Early Modern Philosophy

Selected Essays

by (author) Paul Russell

Group Interests, Individual Attitudes

How Group Memberships Shape Attitudes Towards the Welfare State

by (author) Michael J. Donnelly

Understanding Administrative Law in the Common Law World

by (author) Paul Daly

Rebel Courts

The Administration of Justice by Armed Insurgents

by (author) René Provost

The Political Commissioner

A European Ethnography

by (author) Frederic Merand

Oxford Textbook of Pediatric Pain

edited by Bonnie J. Stevens, Gareth Hathway & William T. Zempsky

Philosophical Foundations of Climate Change Policy

by (author) Joseph Heath

Diachrony of Differential Object Marking in Romanian

by (author) Virginia Hill & Alexandru Mardale

Wisdom Mind

Mindfulness for Cognitively Healthy Older Adults and Those With Subjective Cognitive Decline, Facilitator Guide

by (author) Colette M. Smart

Critical Perspectives in Food Studies

edited by Mustafa Koc, Jennifer Sumner & Anthony Winson

Multidisciplinary Advances in Efficient Separation Processes

edited by Irina Chernyshova, Sathish Ponnurangam & Qingxia Liu

Hope Under Oppression

by (author) Katie Stockdale

When Sonia Met Boris

by (author) Anna Shternshis

Increase your Brainability - and reduce your risk of dementia

by (author) Charles Alessi, Larry W. Chambers & Muir Gray

Parameters of Predicate Fronting

edited by Vera Lee-Schoenfeld & Dennis Ott


An Activity of Mind and Brain

by (author) Fergus Craik

Sosipatra of Pergamum

Philosopher and Oracle

by (author) Heidi Marx

Virginia Woolf and Poetry

by (author) Emily Kopley

Managing Cancer and Living Meaningfully

An Evidence-Based Intervention for Cancer Patients and Their Caregivers

by (author) Gary Rodin & Sarah Hales


A Study in Non-Ideal Epistemology

by (author) Endre Begby

The Oxford Handbook of the Apocrypha

edited by Gerbern S. Oegema

The Political Economy of Automotive Industrialization in East Asia

by (author) Richard F. Doner, Gregory W. Noble & John Ravenhill

Oxford Handbook of Ethics of AI

by (author) Markus Dubber, Frank Pasquale & Sunit Das

Women and Philosophy in Eighteenth-Century Germany

edited by Corey W. Dyck

The Oxford Handbook of Neuronal Protein Synthesis

by (author) Wayne S. Sossin

Wastepaper Modernism

Twentieth-Century Fiction and the Ruins of Print

by (author) Joseph Elkanah Rosenberg

Naturally Free Action

by (author) Oisin Deery

Deliberative Peace Referendums

by (author) Ron Levy, Ian O'Flynn & Hoi L. Kong

The Flesh of the Word

The extra Calvinisticum from Zwingli to Early Orthodoxy

by (author) K.J. Drake

Transforming Ethnomusicology Volume I

Methodologies, Institutional Structures, and Policies

edited by Beverley Diamond & Salwa El-Shawan Castelo-Branco

The Experience of Emerging Adulthood Among Street-Involved Youth

by (author) Doug Magnuson, Mikael Jansson & Cecilia Benoit

Media Ventriloquism

How Audiovisual Technologies Transform the Voice-Body Relationship

by (author) Jaimie Baron, Jennifer Fleeger & Shannon Wong Lerner

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