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Oxford University Press

Books from this publisher

The Struggle for Human Rights

Essays in honour of Philip Alston

edited by Nehal Bhuta, Florian Hoffmann, Sarah Knuckey, Frederic Megret & Margaret Satterthwaite

Fallen Angels in the Theology of St Augustine

by (author) Gregory D. Wiebe

Kant and the Law of War

by (author) Arthur Ripstein

Gender in Society Reader

by (author) Amy Kaler

A Primer of Life Histories

Ecology, Evolution, and Application

by (author) Jeffrey A. Hutchings

OSCE Revision for the Final FRCEM

by (author) Rachel Goss, Emma McMaster & Stephanie Rennie

Intelligence as Democratic Statecraft

Patterns of Civil-Intelligence Relations Across the Five Eyes Security Community - the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

by (author) Christian Leuprecht & Hayley McNorton

Communicating with Grammar 3

Skills for Life Student Book

by (author) Mohammad Hashemi

Communicating with Grammar 1

Skills for Life Student Book

by (author) Alice Johnston-Newman & Julita Milewski

Communicating with Grammar 2

Skills for Life Student Book

by (author) Silvija Kalnins & Jaklin Zayat

Working in Canada

A Sociological Exploration

by (author) Tracey Adams

Critical Modesty in Contemporary Fiction

by (author) Thom Dancer

Universal Politics

by (author) Ilan Kapoor & Zahi Zalloua

Neural Prosthetics

Neuroscientific and Philosophical Aspects of Changing the Brain

by (author) Walter Glannon

Mental Health Social Work Practice in Canada

by (author) Cheryl Regehr & Graham Glancy


Clinical and Neuroscientific Perspectives from Neurology and Psychiatry

by (author) Andre Aleman & Krista Lanctot

Oxford Textbook of Palliative Care for Children

edited by Richard Hain, Adam Rapoport, Michelle Meiring & Ann Goldman

An Introduction to Proof Theory

Normalization, Cut-Elimination, and Consistency Proofs

by (author) Paolo Mancosu, Sergio Galvan & Richard Zach

The Rise and Fall of the Age of Psychopharmacology

by (author) Edward Shorter

Making a Case

The Practical Roots of Biblical Law

by (author) Sarah Milstein

Juvenal's Tenth Satire

by (author) Paul Murgatroyd

The Oxford Handbook of Non-Synoptic Wind Storms

edited by Horia Hangan & Ahsan Kareem

Poverty, Solidarity, and Poor-Led Social Movements

by (author) Monique Deveaux

Milton's Poetical Thought

The Literary Agenda

by (author) Maggie Kilgour

Polynesian Syntax and its Interfaces

edited by Lauren Clemens & Diane Massam

The Art of Complicity in Martial and Statius

Martial's Epigrams, Statius' Silvae, and Domitianic Rome

by (author) Erik Gunderson

Film Music

An Introduction in 11 Takes

by (author) John Haines

The Oxford Handbook of Peaceful Change in International Relations

edited by T.V. Paul, Deborah Welch Larson, Harold A. Trinkunas, Anders Wivel & Ralf Emmers

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

by (author) Farshid Kazemi

Plato's Statesman

A Philosophical Discussion

edited by Panos Dimas & Melissa Lane
by (author) Susan Sauve Meyer

Ancient Greek Athletics

Primary Sources in Translation

by (author) Charles H. Stocking & Susan A. Stephens

Minor Greek Tragedians, Volume 2: Fourth-Century and Hellenistic Poets

Fragments from the Tragedies with Selected Testimonia

by (author) Martin J. Cropp

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