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Living with the Invisible Hand

Markets, Corporations, and Human Freedom

by (author) Waheed Hussain

The Oxford Handbook of Down Syndrome and Development

edited by Jacob A. Burack, Jamie Edgin & Leonard Abbeduto

The Right Against Rights in Latin America

edited by Leigh A. Payne, Julia Zulver & Simon Escoffier

A Compendium of Neuropsychological Tests

Fundamentals of Neuropsychological Assessment and Test Reviews for Clinical Practice

by (author) Elisabeth Sherman, Jing Tan & Marianne Hrabok

Irish Modernism and the Politics of Sexual Health

by (author) Lloyd (Meadhbh) Houston

Lord Byron

Selected Writings

edited by Jonathan Sachs
by (author) Andrew Stauffer

Obligation and Responsibility

by (author) Ishtiyaque Haji

Anxiety and Related Disorders Interview Schedule for DSM-5, Child and Parent Version

Clinician Manual

by (author) Wendy K. Silverman, Anne Marie Albano & Connor M. Kerns

French Lyric Diction

A Singer's Guide

by (author) Jason Nedecky

Descartes's Method

The Formation of the Subject of Science

by (author) Tarek R. Dika

One More Mountain

by (author) Deborah Ellis

Brave New Workplace

Designing Productive, Healthy, and Safe Organizations

by (author) Julian Barling

The Americanization of the Apocalypse

Creating America's Own Bible

by (author) Donald Harman Akenson

Beyond Racial Capitalism

Co-operatives in the African Diaspora

edited by Caroline Shenaz Hossein, Sharon D. Wright Austin & Kevin Edmonds

Ockham's Nominalism

A Philosophical Introduction

by (author) Claude Panaccio

The Collected Works of Walter Pater, vol. IX: Correspondence

edited by Robert Seiler

Voters Under Pressure

Group-Based Cross-Pressure and Electoral Volatility

by (author) Ruth Dassonneville

The Oxford Handbook of Vatican II

edited by Catherine E. Clifford & Massimo Faggioli

The Oxford Handbook of Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific Region

edited by Devesh Kapur, Lily Kong, Florence Lo & David M. Malone

Aum Shinrikyo and religious terrorism in Japanese collective memory

by (author) Rin Ushiyama


A Musical Anthropology of "Korea's Hiroshima"

by (author) Joshua D. Pilzer

Deploying Feminism

The Role of Gender in NATO Military Operations

by (author) Stéfanie von Hlatky

Laboratories of Terror

The Final Act of Stalin's Great Purge in Soviet Ukraine

edited by Lynne Viola & Marc-Stephan Junge

Dignity in Care

The Human Side of Medicine

by (author) Harvey Max Chochinov

Indigenous Peoples within Canada

A Concise History

by (author) Olive Patricia Dickason, William Newbigging & Cary Miller

Oxford Studies in Epistemology 7

edited by Tamar Szabo Gendler, John Hawthorne & Julianne Chung


Essays in the Philosophy of Normativity

edited by Chris Howard & R.A. Rowland

The Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of the Middle East

edited by Armando Salvatore, Sari Hanafi & Kieko Obuse

Cultural Identity in Hindi Plays

Poetics, Politics, and Theatre in India

by (author) Diana Dimitrova

Being Social

The Philosophy of Social Human Rights

edited by Kimberley Brownlee, David Jenkins & Adam Neal

The Oxford Handbook of Empirical Aesthetics

by (author) Marcos Nadal & Oshin Vartanian

Environmental Ethics for Canadians

edited by Byron Williston

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