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Books from this publisher

Natural Language Semantics

Formation and Valuation

by (author) Brendan S. Gillon

Fun, Taste, & Games

An Aesthetics of the Idle, Unproductive, and Otherwise Playful

by (author) John Sharp & David Thomas

Global Environmental Governance and the Accountability Trap

edited by Susan Park & Teresa Kramarz

Transgression in Games and Play

edited by Kristine Jorgensen & Faltin Karlsen

Urban Computing

by (author) Yu Zheng

Playing Smart

On Games, Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence

by (author) Julian Togelius


The Rise of Chinese Contemporary Art in the West

by (author) Marie Leduc

Energy and Civilization

A History

by (author) Vaclav Smil

Reinforcement Learning, second edition

An Introduction

by (author) Richard S. Sutton & Andrew G. Barto


A Formal Introduction

by (author) Alan Bale & Charles Reiss

What's Left of Human Nature?

A Post-Essentialist, Pluralist, and Interactive Account of a Contested Concept

by (author) Maria Kronfeldner

The Spontaneous Brain

From the Mind-Body to the World-Brain Problem

by (author) Georg Northoff

Cannabinoids and the Brain

by (author) Linda A. Parker

Robot Sex

Social and Ethical Implications

edited by John Danaher & Neil McArthur

Building the Intentional University

Minerva and the Future of Higher Education

edited by Stephen M. Kosslyn & Ben Nelson
foreword by Bob Kerrey

Once and Future Feminist

edited by Merve Emre

Emergent Brain Dynamics

Prebirth to Adolescence

edited by April A. Benasich & Urs Ribary

The Essential Tversky

by (author) Amos Tversky
edited by Eldar Shafir
foreword by Michael Lewis
afterword by Daniel Kahneman

Human Robotics

Neuromechanics and Motor Control

by (author) Etienne Burdet, David W. Franklin & Theodore E. Milner

Re-Reasoning Ethics

The Rationality of Deliberation and Judgment in Ethics

by (author) Barry Hoffmaster & Cliff Hooker

Reassembling Rubbish

Worlding Electronic Waste

by (author) Josh Lepawsky

Choosing Down Syndrome

Ethics and New Prenatal Testing Technologies

by (author) Chris Kaposy

Global Warming and the Sweetness of Life

A Tar Sands Tale

by (author) Matt Hern & Am Johal
contributions by Joe Sacco

Common Sense, the Turing Test, and the Quest for Real AI

by (author) Hector J. Levesque


edited by Marcus Boon & Gabriel Levine

Rock, Bone, and Ruin

An Optimist's Guide to the Historical Sciences

by (author) Adrian Currie

Environmentalism of the Rich

by (author) Peter Dauvergne

Quantum Language and the Migration of Scientific Concepts

Quantum Physics, Nuclear Discourse, and the Cultural Migration of Scientific Concepts

by (author) Jennifer Burwell

Rethinking Human Evolution

edited by Jeffrey H. Schwartz

Experimental Politics

Work, Welfare, and Creativity in the Neoliberal Age

by (author) Maurizio Lazzarato
translated by Arianna Bove, Jeremy Gilbert, Andrew Goffey & Mark Hayward

The Eugenic Mind Project

by (author) Robert A. Wilson

Ethics in Everyday Places

Mapping Moral Stress, Distress, and Injury

by (author) Tom Koch

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