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The Cultural Work of Standing In

by (author) Dylan Mulvin

Technical Debt in Practice

How to Find It and Fix It

by (author) Neil Ernst, Rick Kazman & Julien Delange

Acquired Tastes

Stories about the Origins of Modern Food

edited by Benjamin R. Cohen, Michael S. Kideckel & Anna Zeide

The Resistance Dilemma

Place-Based Movements and the Climate Crisis

by (author) George Hoberg

Language in Development

A Crosslinguistic Perspective

edited by Gita Martohardjono & Suzanne Flynn

An Introduction to Lifted Probabilistic Inference

edited by Guy Van den Broeck, Kristian Kersting, Sriraam Natarajan & David Poole

The Working Mind

Meaning and Mental Attention in Human Development

by (author) Juan Pascual-Leone & Janice M. Johnson

Voicing Code in STEM

A Dialogical Imagination

by (author) Pratim Sengupta, Amanda Dickes & Amy Voss Farris

Autotheory as Feminist Practice in Art, Writing, and Criticism

by (author) Lauren Fournier

The Next Age of Disruption

by (author) MIT Sloan Management Review

Defining Mental Disorder

Jerome Wakefield and His Critics

edited by Luc Faucher & Denis Forest

Biomechanics of Movement

The Science of Sports, Robotics, and Rehabilitation

by (author) Thomas K. Uchida & Scott L. Delp
illustrated by David Delp


Numerals, Cognition, and History

by (author) Stephen Chrisomalis

Break On Through

Radical Psychiatry and the American Counterculture

by (author) Lucas Richert

Castle Faggot

by (author) Derek McCormack
afterword by Dennis Cooper & Zac Farley

The Pandemic Information Gap

The Brutal Economics of COVID-19

by (author) Joshua Gans

Who Are You?

Nintendo's Game Boy Advance Platform

by (author) Alex Custodio

The Architecture of Bathing

Body, Landscape, Art

by (author) Christie Pearson

AI in the Wild

Sustainability in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

by (author) Peter Dauvergne

Infrastructural Brutalism

Art and the Necropolitics of Infrastructure

by (author) Michael Truscello

Studying Sound

A Theory and Practice of Sound Design

by (author) Karen Collins

Forgotten Values

The World Bank and Environmental Partnerships

by (author) Teresa Kramarz

Making Open Development Inclusive

Lessons from IDRC Research

edited by Matthew L. Smith & Ruhiya Kristine Seward
foreword by Robin Mansell

The Contamination of the Earth

A History of Pollutions in the Industrial Age

by (author) Francois Jarrige & Thomas Le Roux
translated by Janice Egan & Michael Egan


Turning Things into Assets in Technoscientific Capitalism

edited by Kean Birch & Fabian Muniesa

Social Science for What?

Battles over Public Funding for the "Other Sciences" at the National Science Foundation

by (author) Mark Solovey

The Cognitive Neurosciences, sixth edition

edited by David Poeppel, George R. Mangun & Michael S. Gazzaniga

Installing Automobility

Emerging Politics of Mobility and Streets in Indian Cities

by (author) Govind Gopakumar

Embodied Computing

Wearables, Implantables, Embeddables, Ingestibles

edited by Isabel Pedersen & Andrew Iliadis

Art and Tradition in a Time of Uprisings

by (author) Gabriel Levine

Coding Democracy

How Hackers Are Disrupting Power, Surveillance, and Authoritarianism

by (author) Maureen Webb
foreword by Cory Doctorow

Greening through Trade

How American Trade Policy Is Linked to Environmental Protection Abroad

by (author) Sikina Jinnah & Jean-Frederic Morin

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